Be Ready to Ride This Spring!

Depending on what part of the country you live in, your bike may be spending several weeks or months nestled away in your garage for the winter.  If you are like most of us, you probably can’t wait to get it out and go for that first spring ride!  Before you just jump on and fire it up though, you’ll want to perform a few preventative checks.

  • Oil.  Did you change it before storing the bike?  If not, now is the time to do so.  Sitting all winter can lead to water contamination in the oil.  If your bike has been sitting for a very extended period of time, you might also consider pulling the spark plugs and squirting some oil down into the cylinders.  Get your oil and filters from us at CompAcc!
  • Tire Pressure.  This may seem obvious, but it’s commonly overlooked.  Colder temperatures and sitting for extended periods of time means you’ll more than likely need to add some air to your tires.  Do you have a good tire pressure gauge?  We have many analog and digital options.
  • Fasteners.  Grab a wrench (or three) and check the torque on all of the nuts and bolts you can reach.  Pay special attention to brake and clutch lever pins, engine mount bolts, and suspension linkage components.
  • Battery.  If you have had your battery on a trickle charger, you are probably good to go.  If you have a maintenance battery, top up the fluids and make sure any vent tubes are routed properly (if equipped).  A dead battery can leave you stranded, don’t neglect it!  Need a new one? We’ve got those, too!
  • Chain.  If needed, go ahead and clean and lube your chain as well.  While you are there, inspect the chain and sprockets for wear, and replace them as a set if necessary.

Winter months can be a great time to wrench on the bike, whether it’s maintenance, a major overhaul, or installing some new farkles (upgrades for you non-ADV types).  One upgrade to really consider  is heated grips.  They are fairly quick and easy to install, and will allow you to comfortably get out on the road before the weather starts to warm back up.  The riding season is nearly upon us, be ready!

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