Six-Year Old Gets Reckless Driving Ticket on Mini-Motorcycle

mini_bikeGael Noriega was ticketed last month for reckless driving. Noriega is only 6, so I’m guessing that reckless is the only way that he knows how to drive.

Still, police in Ciudad Jerez decided to give the boy a ticket after he crashed his gas-powered minibike into an SUV. But the police weren’t satisfied with giving Noriega a reckless driving ticket. They also gave him a ticket for driving without a license and for having an unregistered vehicle. Oh, and they confiscated the bike.

The Inquisitr reports that the 6-year-old had to pay $183 to get his minibike back. Which according to my calculations, would take about 183 days to payoff in the lemonade stand business.

Due to the ridiculousness of the situation, Noriega’s parents decided to go to the media. The fines have since been dropped and city council secretary Hector Arceluz said that the officers would be punished for their behavior.

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