John Hopkins Has Finger Amputated

john_hopkins_wsbkThere’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that John Hopkins won’t have to deal with his troublesome injury during the 2012 season. The bad news is that he’ll have to compete with just nine fingers. Hopkins had the top of his right middle finger amputated after numerous surgeries and complications that plagued the rider since his crash at BRNO in 2011.

Suzuki released a statement today saying that the amputation will not adversely effect Hopkins 2012 season. Hopkins will start physiotherapy in 10 days and is expected to be back on a bike in three weeks.

“I went to see my doctor for a progress report and the news was not great,” Hopkins said. “It’s never good news when you have to lose a body part, but this was the best scenario all round because otherwise the situation could’ve dragged on for some time, with not necessarily a better result in the end.

“Apart from the actual pain of the surgery, I must say that it’s feeling better already. I now have about 10 days when I cannot do any physio, but then I can start again. This is a bit of a setback, but really not too bad because I have been training and getting fit for some time now, so my base level is very good. I’ll be able to train fully again soon and be able to get on a bike in three weeks, so I’m sure I’ll be ok for our first tests in Australia.

“I know the bike well and I’ve raced at Phillip Island before, so at least I will not be starting from scratch. Our GSX-R1000 has a very good base setting and I am confident that we’re not going to be struggling at the start. The level of competition is tough for sure, but I think we’re going to be competitive right from the start.”

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