Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup Available For PC

motocross_matchupRicky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup PRO is now available free-to-play on PC. The game, which is currently available on iOS and Android, allows motocross players to compete across platforms.

2XL Games, the leader in off-road digital games, said in a press release:

“PC players will be able to challenge their friends on iOS and Android, a first in off-road digital racing. Cross-platform gaming has long been sought after by gamers and Motocross Matchup delivers in spades. Players can races against mobile opponents directly from the PC version of the game.”

Here’s a video promo for Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup.

The new game pits PC players against other riders from around the world. You can compete as Ricky Carmichael or several other top motocross riders. You can also design your own bike and player.

The game also features real motocross and supercross tracks, including Carmichaels own backyard compound.

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