Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction Features Several 6-Figure Motorcycles


Want a nice ride? Well, do you want to admire a few nice rides? The Las Vegas Premier Motorcycle Auction, which will start this weekend, has some amazing bikes going under the hammer.

From Ducatis to Harleys to motorcycles that pre-date motorcycles, the Las Vegas Auction has several bikes that are expected to go for more than 6 figures.

Here’s a look at some of the coolest motorcycles hitting the chopping block this weekend.

1964 DUCATI 250 F3 CORSA – Estimated Price $125,000


Las Vegas Auctions writes: Fabio Taglioni, was a talented designer of fast motorcycles. In the 1950’s, Taglioni developed an overhead cam lightweight with desmodromic valves that became the bike to beat in international lightweight racing.”

1916 POPE – Estimated Press $175,000


The 1912 Pope was the first V-twin to sport overhead valves made by a major manufacturer. The 1916 Pope has a three speed sliding gear transmission and a plunger rear suspension, something that was unheard of at the time.



The 1915 Harley Board Track Racer was one of the original racing machines. Las Vegas Auctions writes: This time capsule is reportedly the earliest known Harley-Davidson factory team board racer. Serial number M503J identifies the bike. The frame carries number 505 and the engine number is 503. A unique opportunity to acquire a truly historical machine.

1929 SCOTT SQUIRREL – Estimated Price $135,000


One of the most technologically advanced machine of its day, the Scott Squirrel was a liquid-cooled vertical twin two-stroke. This particular Scott Squirrel is in excellent condition and could blow away the estimated price?Why? Because this Scott Squirrel was once owned by Steve McQueen.

1910 Flying Merkel – Estimated Price $200,000


The 1910 Flying Merkel has an estimated value of $200,000, but bidders could walk away with the motorcycle for much less as the Las Vegas Auction is not placing a reserve on this motorcycle.

“Exceptionally nice and very current restoration performed on a very complete motorcycle. The 1910 model is one of the rarest of all Flying Merkel’s with the one year only external oil pump mounted on the engine case. The Flying Merkel was a short lived brand with production starting around the turn of the century and ending in 1915. Many famous named such as Maldwin Jones, Don Johns and others raced the Flying Merkel to many race wins on the oval board tracks around the world.”

1928 BROUGH SUPERIOR SS 100 – Estimated Price $275,000


The Las Vegas Premier Motorcycle Auction features plenty of noteworthy motorcycles, but the big ticket item this year is the 1928 Brough Superior SS 1000.”Considered the most desirable Brough Superior model, this SS100 is powered by its original 980cc, short-stroke V-twin engine.”

You can see more motorcycles from the Las Vegas Premier Motorcycle Auction here. 

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