Jeremy Renner’s Pal Stabbed With Axe Made From Motorcycle Brake

jeremy_rennerJeremy Renner was able to avoid injury at a bar fight last night at the Rachada Pub in Thailand. The Mission Impossible 4 actor was able to escape the fight unscathed. A drinking buddy of his, however, took an axe to the stomach.

Renner was apparently partying with six other people, including Vorasit Issara, the general manager of a local resort. USA Today reports that Issara got into an argument with bar employees at about 4:300 in the morning.

The fight involved about 20 people and ended when someone used a makeshift ax, constructed from a motorcycle brake roter, to stab Issara. Issara is currently in the hospital.

Renner’s publicist said that Jeremy “exited as the fight took place,” and “was not injured or involved” in the incident.

Six members of the bar’s staff have been arrested.

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