Jorge Lorenzo Finally Passes Motorcycle Test

jorge_lorenzo_motorcycle_testJorge Lorenzo has 17 MotoGP race wins to his name, an additional 26 podiums, and one MotoGP World Championship. But today is undoubtedly the most proud day in his motorcycle racing career. Today, Jorge Lorenzo passed his motorcycle theory test.

Lorenzo posted a picture of himself at a testing facility in Spain on Facebook, saying: “Hey guys! Although it sounds like a joke, i just pass the motorcycle theory test!!”

The former MotoGP champion presumably had to take the test to renew his motorcycle license. According to the Soup, Spain’s motorcycle theory test isn’t a walk in the park. Applicants have to answer forty questions in forty minutes and are only allowed four mistakes. That may sound easy enough, but Spain’s motorcycle handbook is more than 300 pages long.

So no matter how many races he has won, today is a deservedly happy day for Jorge Lorenzo…

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