One Bike Rule Allows PTR to Run Multiple Riders

buckmasterIt seems like the PTR Honda team has been announcing a new rider every other day for the last few weeks. The team could be running as many as 6 riders in the 2012 racing season.

Simon Buckmaster said that the new one bike rule in the World Supersport class has allowed PTR Honda to bring a big team to the 2012 season.

When the World Supersport teams were allowed to bring two bikes per rider, the PTR team typically ran one or two riders. But now that teams are restricted to a bike per racer, PTR has the funds to bring more racers to the track.

PTR’s Buckmaster said:

“Obviously we could not do this (expand the team again) if you had two bikes per rider, so that rule allowed us not only to compete but to expand last year and again this year. It looks like there will be a lot of bikes on the grid in 2012 but only two years ago it was a lot less, about 18 to 20 bikes on the grid. We can get five or even six bikes and spares into our race truck each weekend, because our team is organised and we make good use of the available space, meaning we do not have to take a second truck.”

The one bike rule began in 2011. Each WSS rider is allowed one complete machine and one spare engine per race weekend.

“We ran quite a few riders last year, and this coming year we will be even more properly geared up to do it,” Buckmaster said. “We have some very talented riders, some younger ones of course, and Sam Lowes is set to be a good championship challenger in his second year.”

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