Motorcycle Safety Act Goes Into Effect in North Carolina [Video]

motorcycle_safety_picBeginner motorcyclists are often taught to drive defensively because the road is full of two-ton four-wheel weapons. More often than not, that two-ton car is a weapon metaphor is just that, a metaphor. But some car drivers have purposefully tried to hit motorcyclists.

Earlier this year a man in Oakland purposefully swerved his van into a group of motorcyclists and killed one of them. And last Summer, a video surfaced of a truck trying to run a motorcyclists off the road.

(Skip to the 2:20 mark to watch the incident.)

Now North Carolina has passed the Motorcycle Safety Act, which would punish drivers who put motorcyclists in danger.

According to the, the new law would fine any driver who makes  a motorcycle change lanes unsafely $200. If the movement causes any damage or personal injury, the fine will be increased to $500.

These fines aren’t going to deter any psycho who wants to harm a motorcyclist by running them off the road. But it may cause the majority of drivers, who are not psychos, to be more careful on the road.

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Safety Act Goes Into Effect in North Carolina [Video]

  1. The truck was wrong for placing the motorcyclist in danger. The truck driver should be punished for his bad behavior. But the root cause of the confrontation was the motorcyclist speeding and crossing the doubleline when he passed the truck. I have been riding motorcycles for 30 years and enjoy the previlege of being able to drive my motorcylces on the road. These motorcylists were driving recklessly (way too fast for conditions) putting themselves in danger and also those who may be coming out on to the road. Motorcyclists driving this way pisses people off and gives all of us motorcyclists a bad name and will eventually cause legistlators to take away our motorcycle driving previleges. STOP RACING on public roads. RACE only on the track.


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