Triumph Sales On the Rise

triumph_motorcycleTriumph is having a good year. The company reported yesterday that its turnover rise 11 percent from 2010 and its earnings were up 48%.

According to the Independent, Triumph sold 48,684 bikes this year until June 30th. The company sold 45,501 bikes during the same period last year. As for the jump in profits, Spokesman Paul Taylor said it may have something to do with the 7 motorcycles Triumph launched in 2011.

“We launched seven bikes, which is unprecedented for a major manufacturer,” said Taylor. “Generally speaking, the bikes we have brought in have been premium products.”

According to Triumph, its increase in sales is not typical for the motorcycle market, as sales for large motorcycles fell 7%.

The company said in a statement:

“Triumph remains cautious in terms of the general market outlook for 2012 due to the continued global economic turmoil and the impact upon consumer confidence and in particular spending on discretionary consumer goods. New models are extremely important in driving growth and we have been able to increase spend in our R&D investment during the recession, which continues to positively impact our business.”

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