HJC IS-Max BT Helmet Video Review

Recently HJC Helmets decided to discontinue the HJC IS-Max and replace it with the new HJC IS-Max BT.  The IS-Max BT is essentially the same helmet as is predecessor, but HJC added the ability to seamlessly attach the Chatterbox Xbi2-H bluetooth headset.  While the Xbi2-H is sold separately, HJC has made the task of installing it really easy, by integrating a mounting point to snap the XBI2-H right in.

Then, because the HJC IS-Max BT bluetooth helmet is specifically designed for communication, you just run the wires and mount the speakers in the speaker recess pockets and you are done.   Now you have a very reasonably priced bluetooth motorcycle helmet for trips, commuting or just casual riding. ( click the Xbi2-H to see more features )

So, enough about the Xbi2-H Bluetooth system, now lets get to the helmet.  A quick check around shows that IS-Max BT helmet typically gets rated about 4.5 out of 5 stars and most owners feel it is a great value for the money.  We noted there is some mention of noise, but most reviewers said it was not enough for them to consider returning the helmet.  Reviewers really seem to like the wide range of sizing, venting, comfortable interior and the internal sun visor.  Check out our video review for an in depth hands on look..



Overall, we really like the set-up and feel if you want a Modular Helmet, then you should really consider an HJC IS-Max BT Helmet.


Our IS-Max BT Key features to remember:

  1. Bluetooth Ready!
  2. Lightweight Advanced Polycarbonate Shell
  3. UV blocking face shield
  4. Internal Sun visor
  5. Very comfortable moisture wicking interior
  6. Bargain pricing
  7. Wide Sizing Range: XS to 3X


The IS-Max BT Available Colors:

HJC IS-Max BT Raptor Helmet
HJC IS-Max BT Solid Helmet


If you are looking for Alternate helmet, here are some of the best Modular Helmets around:

HJC Symax 3
Nolan N90
Schuberth C3
Nolan N104  ( spring 2012 )
New Shoei Neotec ( possibly spring 2012 )
Watch our HJC IS-Max BT Helmet Video Review below!

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