GoPro HD Hero 2 Details! Brand new just announced!

GoPro just announced their newest action camera, the GoPro HD Hero2!  We are very excited to hear about this new camera, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one to really check it out!  Right off the bat, it looks like GoPro has addressed some of the concerns that users has brought up.  Namely: a hard to navigate menu system and an LED recording indicator light that was on the front of the camera (thus, you couldn’t see it unless you were looking at the front of the camera).  The new GoPro HD Hero2 sports 4 LED lights so you can see if it’s recording from just about any angle.  Also, the LCD menu interface has been revamped, and while we haven’t had a chance to test the new camera yet, we are sure it will be an improvement over the previous camera’s menu system.


What has us really excited, however, is the new glass lens that is paired to an amazing 11 Megapixel sensor.  How GoPro can pack such a powerful package into such a tiny camera is beyond us, but it sounds like the new GoPro is going to take us to another level.  The new camera features a machine gun like 10 shot-per-second burst mode.  That’s 10 11MP photos in 1 second, which rivals some of the best dSLR cameras on the market today.  For time lapse photography, there is a new .5 second mode, which will allow for some very smooth timelapse videos which are sure to amaze.  You can also now decide how wide of a view you want in your photos and videos.  Full 170º and medium 127º field of view modes are available for pictures and video, while a third, narrow 90º mode is available for video only.


A new Wi-Fi BacPac sounds like it will add some incredible features as well.  Long range remote control of up to 50 cameras, Wi-Fi video/photo playback, and live streaming video and photos directly to the web are a few Wi-Fi features that are sure to revolutionize the way spectators can view action sports.


All of the new image and video processing power of the new GoPro HD Hero2 has us excited for sure, but probably one of the biggest improvements, is the 3.5mm stereo external mic input.  Now you’ll be able to plug in a quality microphone and mount it for optimal sound recording.  No more muted sound or wind noise to ruin the video!  We suspect you’ll start seeing less videos with (sometimes bad) music, and more with the sounds that we all love, cylinders burning fuel!  The new GoPro HD Hero2 looks like it has an MSRP of $299, stay tuned for availability from us here at Competition Accessories!

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