Cortech Latigo Boots Video Review

The Cortech Latigo boots are a nice quality sport boot suitable for commuting, sport street riding, and even the occasional track day.  The most attractive feature of the Cortech Latigo boots is their price.  For right around $150, you are getting motorcycle boots that compare quite well to others costing twice as much.  Available in both waterproof and vented versions, the Cortech Latigo Boots are perfect for any climate.  If you need a good warm weather boot, the Cortech Latigo Air RR Boots are fully perforated for maximum airflow.  For commuting, touring, or colder weather riding, the Cortech Latigo WP RR Boots are an excellent choice, thanks to their full length Hipora  waterproof membrane.  Hipora does a great job keeping wind and water out, while still allowing your feet to breathe.

Both the Latigo Air RR and Latigo WP RR boots feature molded external ankle support, which is hinged to allow natural movement when walking, but will help limit how far your ankle can twist if you crash.  A vented heel cup and TPU shin guard are both substantial, and should do a great job absorbing impact and preventing injuries in those areas.  A TecnoGI Thermoplastic toe cap maintains the shape of the toe box, while retaining a low profile for ease of shifting.  The Cortech Latigo boots also have a TPU shift pad, which will keep the boots from prematurely wearing in that area.  Stretch panels at the front and back of the boot combined with a flexible sole make the Cortech Latigo boots comfortable to walk in as well, making these a great all around pair of boots.  Finally, if you like to really push it when you ride, the Cotech Latigo RR boots have replaceable toe sliders, so if you occasionally touch a toe down your boots will not get torn up.  All of these features add up to an amazing value, especially when you consider that they are well under $200.   Check out the Cortech Latigo boots on our website!

For a close up look at these boots, the Cortech Latigo Boots Video Review is below!

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