Different styles of motorcycle helmets

Motorcycle helmets come in a variety of styles, types, and colors: often chosen based on safety priority, intended use and desired comfort of the rider.

The Full-Face helmet, as the name suggests, covers the entire head and face of the rider. Equipped with a shield to cover the face, full-face helmets work well to protect the rider from rain, snow, mud, bugs and any other hazardous elements that can be thrown your way while riding. Providing the most protection to the rider were a crash to occur, the full-face helmet is the standard amongst racers, and comes in a variety of colors.

The Motocross helmet, covers the full head, and has an elongated chin and visor section. With a partially open face, this helmet is ideal for motocross racers who desire the extra protection of wearing full size goggles to protect from debris experienced while racing. With a visor above the eyes, extra protection against the glares of the sun is also provided to the racers. When properly fitted with goggles, the motocross helmet provides similar protection as the full-face.

The Half helmet, or the open helmet, while providing decent protection to the head, is styled to leave the riders face fully exposed, for those who are more comfortable with openness. With a bowl-like shape, the half motorcycle helmet doesn’t provide much of a protection to the back of the neck and usually doesn’t cover the ears. Because of their lack of coverage, half helmets are considered the least safe of the styles. They are accompanied with a strap that buckles beneath the chin of the rider to hold the helmet in place.

The 3/4-helmet or three-quarters helmet covers the ears, cheeks and back of the head – but lacks the chin bar of the full-face. Though some 3/4-helmets enable a snap-on protection shield to cover the eyes, the style is meant to combine the head protection of a full-face while the openness of a half-helmet. Sunglasses or other protective eye-ware are often worn when using this helmet to protect vision from the elements.

 The Flip-up helmet is often considered to be hybrid of the full-face helmet and the 3/4-helmet. Covering the entire head as the full-face helmet does, the flip-up is equipped with a chin bar that can be maneuvered upwards to expose the face. This convenience of being able to flip up the chin bar to talk with others or eat and drink, without having to take the entire helmet off, while providing the safety of a full-face helmet, makes it one of the more popular styles.

Selecting your motorcycle helmet is an important decision for any rider. Whether you’re a Motocross racer or the casual rider, finding the right helmet for you will not only provide for enjoyment, comfort, and style – but most importantly, safety.


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