Parking Your Motorcycle Downtown

It’s important to be informed and on the lookout when parking your motorcycle downtown, both to avoid tickets as well to ensure the safety of you and your bike. Knowing how, where and the rules for parking your motorcycle is often tricky, as they tend to vary from town to town. Some areas, for example, allow multiple motorcycles to be parked in one spot, while others allow only one. Tolerance for parking your bike on sidewalks varies, but it is in fact illegal and will eventually get you a ticket. It is also often allowed to share a parking spot in metered parking areas (if there is room) with automobiles, keep in mind this means you both will be liable for paying the fine if the meter were to run out.

The easiest way to ensure that you are safe from penalty and damage to your bike is to seek automobile spots, ideally street spots beside the sidewalk. When parallel parking, it’s important to remember to park in the middle of the parking space with your rear tire close to the curb.

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind when parking:

  • Park your motorcycle angled to the curb in such a way that will allow for easy and safe access back to the street when leaving.
  • Be weary when using the side-stand on hill or lopsided ground, if leaning up the bike could tip over, if leaning down it could be unstable when getting on.
  • Be conscious of the surface type when parking your bike; whether it’s dirt, freshly paved gravel, riddled with holes, etc – your bike will act accordingly to the surface upon which it stands.
  • Turning the handlebar to one side or the other can aid in stabilizing the motorcycle on uneven surfaces.

Familiarizing yourself with local ordinances and scoping out the ideal spots will be beneficial, especially if you are going to be frequenting the area. Find multiple spots that have quick, safe access to where you want to go and be on the lookout.

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