Nolan N104 Helmets – Preview the New Nolan Modular Helmet at Compacc

The Nolan N104 Helmet is the next generation of modular helmets offered by Nolan Helmets.  The N103 had been popular for riders who wanted a flip up helmet design, and the new N104 has some new features that will make it an even better choice.  The new Nolan N104 features a new chinbar design which leaves the helmet with a narrower shell, meaning less bulk on top of your head.  The Centromatic chin bar lock on the Nolan N104 requires two simultaneous actions to open, meaning less chance of the chinbar opening in an accident.  The Airbooster ventilation system in the Nolan N104 modular helmet is designed for maximum airflow with minimum wind noise.  The eyeport has also been substantially widened for excellent visibility out of the helmet, and there is a new internal sun visor system as well.  The new VPS sun visor is anti-fog and anti-scratch coated to keep your vision clear, and it also has an all new mechanism.  A slider at the base of the helmet easily deploys the tinted shield, while a push button quickly and easily retracts it.  A Pinlock shield is also included with the Nolan N104, further enhancing your ability to see – even in challenging conditions.  Lastly, the new Nolan N104 is also factory ready for installation of the new Nolan B4 N-Com system.  If you ride in groups or with a passenger the N-Com system is a great way to stay in touch and further enjoy the ride.  Check out the new Nolan N104 Modular Helmet today!

Here is a customers first impression:

I was able to test fit this helmet at the International Motorcycle Show.
Initial response was this thing is light in comparison to my N102. Significantly lighter.
Fit was amazing in a large, absolutely no hot spots, fit my head perfectly.
The chin bar felt 100 smoother in operation, both swing up and down and latching and unlatching.
New features, you can lock the chin bar up for 3/4 helmet riding, and the sunvisor now locks down, and has a 1 button retraction feature. This one is on my list for replacing the N102!

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