2011 Monster Energy Cup

The 2011 Monster Energy Cup will be held on October 15th at Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium, and already has the makeup for an event you will not want to miss. For starters, there’s a possibility one of the riders could be walking away with a ‘Monster Million’ check for $1 million dollars, the largest prize in motorcycle history. Breaking from tradition, the Monster Energy Cup will consist of three separate main event races, wherein a one million dollar prize could potentially be awarded should one rider win all three. If no rider wins all three races, the average scores of all the riders in the three races will be calculated and the first-place prizewinner will take home $100,000 of the $250,000 purse.

The possibility for a million won’t be the only reason you’ll want to tune into the Monster Energy Cup, the races themselves will be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Veering from the norm, Monster Energy Cup will be experimenting with a new kind of setup and rules in which, for example, riders will be able to choose what bike they want, at whatever weight they want, using whatever technology or gear they choose. In other words, most of the rules and technicalities (outside of those safety-related) are being scratched and left wide open to the rider’s discretion. This unique approach will allow riders to be as creative as they wish, adding a new layer of competition to the contest. In addition, the setup of the course will receive a complete makeover. Designed as a hybrid of motocross and supercross, the course will combine motocross and supercross terrains, as well as the various elements of dirt, jumps and obstacles along the way.

The 15 riders will complete three 10-lap main events, ”designed around a racing format that will challenge the racers unlike any other supercross event featuring an epic endurance challenge” said Todd Jendro of Feld Motor Sports. Between the potential for a million dollar winner, the experimentation with the rules and the overhaul of the course – it will be an event sure to excite and captivate those watching.

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