Touring Packages in New Zealand

Thinking about traveling to New Zealand and want to enjoy riding as well? Experience the beauty of New Zealand landscapes with a touring/rental package. Some of our favorite and most popular routes in New Zealand can be found in Auckland, Christchurch, Nelson, and Kaiapoi.

Here are a few of our favorite tour companies:


New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals & Tours

  • Rent BMWs, Suzukis, Hondas, Yamaha’s, Hyosung and Harley Davidson
  • Offers fully guided tours, personalized tours, as well as self guided GPS tours
  • Check for prices


South Pacific Motorcycle Tours

  • Offers adventure tours, group/club tours, VIP tours, as well as fully guided and self guided tours
  • Visit to get a quote or make a booking


Paradise Motorcycle Tours NZ


Enjoy New Zealand a whole new way with these amazing tour packages. Have fun in New Zealand and remember to take plenty of pictures on your bike and send them our way to be featured on the blog!

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