Scorpion VX-34 Off Road Helmet Review

Scorpion VX-34 Off Road HelmetScorpion has brought their AirFit inflatable cheekpad system to the dirt.  For the street, the AirFit inflation system has gone over very well, and we’re sure the off-road riders will appreciate it as well.  Basically, there is an air inflation pump located in the chinbar of the helmet, along with an air release button.  With a few pumps of the thumb, small air bladders behind the cheekpads are inflated and provide a custom fit.  This also makes the helmet easier to get on and off, which is definitely nice.  So what about other features?  The Scorpion VX-34 Helmet stacks up very well against other helmets in this price-range.  The moisture wicking Kwikwick II liner is very comfortable against the skin, and performs especially well in hot weather.  The liner is also fully removable, so you can easily wash it between rides to keep the helmet fresh.  The Scorpion VX-34 also has aero-tuned ventilation for maximum airflow, and a removable roost shield in the chinbar for easy cleaning.  For those looking for an off-road helmet that is a step above entry level without breaking the bank, the Scorpion VX34 is definitely a good one to check out!

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