2012 Shoei Qwest Helmet Line-up

Shoei Qwest Helmets

The brand new for 2011 Shoei QWEST Helmets have everything you can expect from a SHOEI with more than 50 years experience in manufacturing motorcycle helmets and an inventor of leading edge technology to the industry. Unrivaled comfort, perfect fit plus the highest quality build construction and SHOEI legendary attention to detail. With an overall weight of only 1400g (/- 50) at size M and a noise level more than 60 % lower than the RAID II / TZ-R(equals 2.2 db) the Shoei Qwest Helmets are your perfect companion for every day ride and the grand tour as well

Check out all our Shoei Qwest Helmets at CompAcc!

Shoei Qwest Brilliant Yellow
Shoei Qwest Diverge
Shoei Qwest Overt
Shoei Qwest Passage

Shoei Qwest Brilliant Yellow Helmet
Shoei Qwest Diverge Helmet
Shoei Qwest Overt Helmet
Shoei Qwest Passage Helmet

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