Michelin Commander 2 Tires – Preview

Michelin Commander 2

Michelin Commander 2 Tire
Michelin Commander 2 Front Tire

The Michelin Commander tires have been around for many years and frankly the competition from tire manufacturers like Dunlop, Avon and Metzeler have really beaten them up in the market place. As a result, Michelin created the Michelin Commander 2 tires. Michelin has made it there mission to construct the best touring tire available in the USA. So last year Michelin set out on a mission to improve the original Commander Motorcycle tires.

Michelin’s launch of the Commander 2 Tire will deliver unrivaled tire life. Independent tests carried out in the United States using a Harley-Davidson® Electra Glide® Classic prove it: a rear Michelin Commander II tire is capable of covering up to 25,000 miles. That’s nearly twice the distance covered by its direct competitors, while the longevity of the front tire is even greater. The Michelin Commander II creates a new standard with regard to durability, yet without making any compromises in terms of wet weather grip, maneuverability or stability. This performance balance provides yet another eloquent illustration of Michelin’s research and development philosophy: no performance gain to be achieved on one front to the detriment of another.

Michelin Commander 2 Tire
Michelin Commander 2 Rear Tire

To make tread life last as long as possible on these tires, Michelin has developed a new rubber compound. The carcass of this new radial tire is associated with Silica Rain Technology (SRT) which integrates silica into the compound of the tire tread, while the Michelin Commander 2‘s tread pattern has been designed to prevent all forms of uneven wear.

The exclusive architecture of the Michelin Commander II brings both maneuverability and stability. The tire’s more rigid, high-density carcass improves maneuverability, while the aramid fiber crown ply of the rear tire enhances resistance and lightness for impeccable stability, even at high speeds.

Last but not least, the numerous longitudinal grooves of the new tire’s tread pattern optimize water dispersal for outstanding wet weather grip.

Thirteen sizes will be available from release, while two other sizes will be released at the beginning of next year.

7 thoughts on “Michelin Commander 2 Tires – Preview

  1. Just a side note..I looked all over,and i mean all over and COMPACC only had one competitor beat heir price by a measlet 80 cents..This place has the best customer service I’ve seen in a long time..Get these tires now before the demand drives the price toward the suggested retail…


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