Rex’s Favorite Ride

I purchased a ‘99 Yamaha Venture from my brother-in-law, who lives in California, and I live in eastern Kansas. Two of my riding buddies agreed to ride out to Claremont, and meet up with me to ride it back to Kansas. We decided to make a trip out of it, so after leaving Claremont, we rode up through Death Valley, not much there,  then on to Las Vegas. From there, it was on to Zion National Park in Utah. What a wonder! then on to Bryce. Would the wonders ever cease? The eyes of a Kansan had never beheld such natural beauty! From Bryce, on to Canyon-de-chelly  where we met up the the local medicine man to give us a tour of the canyon. We drove in his Jeep to his private property, where we entered a cave of his ancestors. There we saw many paintings, and historic artifacts, while listening to him tell us stories of the history of the area. We spent a day with him touring the canyon, then on to New Mexico. There , we ran into a huge gathering of Indian Bikers all headed for the big Pow-wow in Albuquerque. We felt as Custer must have at the Little Big Horn! These guy’s were all friendly, and being bikers, we all had a lot of stories to share. On to Tucumcari on route 66, then across “No Mans Land” and on home. What an Adventure for a Flatlander! Rex Murphy, Wellsville, Kansas

Written by Rex Murphy

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