Tonys’ Favorite Ride

My name is Tony, and I only started riding on the street about a year ago, but I have really been riding… racking up 20K miles in this first year. My buddy Rick from work has many years experience and has been my mentor of sort; he went with me to checkout and buy my first bike, invited me on my first few rides and we have had some great times over the last year.
About eight months ago, he says to me, when we were out with the wives…have you heard about this “Tail of the Dragon”…it’s one of the great rides he hoped to do one day.

Well about 3 weeks later I said hey let’s do it! We are in Central Virginia, and can ride the Blue Ridge Parkway from beginning to end then spend a few days in the Robbinsville NC area, ride the Dragon, and the other great roads in that neck of the woods.

The trip was in middle May and it was rockin” all the pieces just fell into place. Minor mechanical problems were correctable in 10 minuets. The weather was pleasantly cool and co-operative, even though rain was forecast for every day we had maybe 15min of light rain the entire trip. The Dragon was not crowded, and the Cherohla Skyway was awesome. All-in-all we racked up nearly 2000 miles. Here is the clip..

The only downer was after getting back home….the roads here are not quite as challenging as the used to be…so we are now planning a cross country trip. Heading across a northern route to ride the Pacific Coast from Washington to California with the return across the southern route. Who knows I might even get him to go for a the IBA 50hour coast to coast ride.

Written by Tony Askew

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