Mikes’ Favorite Ride

Our annual 3 1/2 to 4 hour ride to the Blue Knights Maryland 1 Crab Festival  started out as a normal one. But ended up turning into the longest shortest ride we ever embarked on.It took us almost 14 hours. One poor unfortunate rider developed a rear flat tire about mid way thru the trip.  While we spent hours on our cell phones trying to locate a repair shop some of the other riders we were with were able to plug his tire.
With that problem solved we started on out road trip once again and a few miles down the road the tire went flat once again and once again we spent hours trying to locate a repair shop . This time we were closer to the Maryland border and nearer to Mikes Famous Harley Dealership we had a nice conversation with them they were willing to repair / replace the tire but they didn’t have it in stock. So once again we were able to plug his tire for a second time, and we started our trip  again.
Well you guessed it another flat to the same tire and another few hour delay and repair and another start that was short lived. A sudden rain storm moved in and vision was almost impossible the only thing we could do was stop under an overpass and wait for it to pass. We waited and waited when it finally ended we completed the trip and arrived at our destination worn and wet.
The unlimited crabs we ate the next day and the flat screen television the guy with the flats won more then made up for it.  or so we thought, After the event was over and we were leaving he gets another flat tire. He had to be towed / trailered back to our hotel. He called a coworker who drove down to pick him and one of the local shops replaced the tire  and he returned a few days later to pick up his bike and drive back to New York.
Written By Mike

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