Kents’ Favorite Ride

My days of riding started a long time ago at about age 10 or 11 when I could spend all day riding the trails on our Honda Scrambler. Then while in college, I fell in love with a new ’81 Suzuki GS 550TX that I saw at the local dealer. This was 1983, and the dealer had a second one still in the crate. Well, it was such a good deal that I bought one, and my dad liked it so much that he went and bought the other one. I think he was trying to relive the days of his youth when he rode his Cushman scooter on his paper route. That brings me to my favorite ride.

That first summer break from college after getting our bikes, my dad, my best friend, Darrell, and I, took a trip to Big Bend National Park in South Texas. We had a blast…blasts and blasts of hot dry air blowing over us most of the trip that is. The road trip was a lot of fun too. I still remember my dad putting along the entire way never going over 60 while Darrell and I, impatient as we were, would race ahead several miles and then have to wait on the shoulder for my dad to finally show. Bear in mind, we did this for nearly 600 miles so that made for a long, long day. It was great fun too while riding through the park, what with the winding roads, and the beautiful mountains and mesas all around. I did get my dad back though.

During one of our drives through the park we could see a rain storm brewing on a nearby mountain side. Well, the park road we were on crossed what was normally a dry wash, but due to the storm, had a couple of inches of water flowing over it. As my dad was slowly riding through the water, I quickly sped past when he was mid-stream and totally soaked him. As bad as that sounds, it was probably a cool and refreshing soaking.

Those bikes have been gone years now, but my dad is still with us, and Darrell is still my best friend. I recently got permission from my beautiful wife to finally get a replacement to my old bike. I followed through by buying a ’09 Suzuki Boulevard C50 Limited. It’s a beauty, and when my dad first saw it, I could see the glint of envy in his eyes as I thought for sure he was going to ask, “Do they have another one?”

The long trip there.

The final destination.

Written By Kent Broddrick

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