Brendas’ Favorite Ride

As far back as I can remember I’ve owned a motorcycle.  So did my father and brother.  My first bike was an Indian 50.  I’ve added a few years since then, but I still own a bike and appreciate a good ride on country roads to enjoy the scenery. I can even be found on occasion riding the twisties on the Tail of the Dragon or Three Sisters.  Most recently my brother and I, both professionals with growing families, were reminiscing about old times and discovered that it had been about 25 years since we had taken a vacation together without the obligations of work and family.  We decided to plan a vacation ride with our father, who was turning 70.  It turned in to a three day, five hundred (plus) mile ride through the piney woods in East Texas.  The ride was awesome, the scenery magnificent, and reacquainting with my brother and father, priceless.  It’s amazing that after all these years, something we shared so many years ago would bring us back around full circle.  I’m not quite as fast or adept at riding as they are, but I sure enjoyed trying to keep up (especially with the old guy)!

Written By Brenda Gregorich

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