Benjamins’ Favorite Ride

Mayhem on the Mountain

14 July 2011

Bald Eagle McCall

2 riders and 1 chase truck took off from Mountain Home, Idaho.  5 months in the making we were finally on our way.  Heading West on I-84 (YAWN) we headed into Boise, Idaho and picked up our 3rd rider and 2 more passengers.  3 riders and 5 Passengers in the chase truck headed out of town on State Street and then turned right on Idaho 55 heading toward McCall, Idaho.  Idaho 55 is a pretty good road with several hills and turns and straights heading into Horseshoe Bend, Idaho.  Heading out of Horseshoe Bend we were ready for the construction wait from the one lane road and pilot car ahead of us. It was really not that bad we sat for about 25 minutes and chatted along the road until we were released to head on up the road.  Maybe 20 minutes later we were released from the 35 MPH and pilot car (yawn).  Heading north past Banks, Idaho the road gets a little more fun with the great twist and turns, really clean road considering the construction we had just past.  Several pot holes but nothing you couldn’t keep away from with a little foresight.   As we entered into Cascade, Idaho we stopped for a small break and the riders put jackets on as the sun was not as hot up there.  Good break for water and stretch and on in to McCall we went.


We got into town about 1700 and found the condo right away when we got into town.  Took everything upstairs and unloaded the one bike from its Trailer.  We started into town to find the Lucky Dutch Tattoo Studio which is just before you get to Paul’s store on the right.  Got some info on what the itinerary for the show and shine and Tattoo contest was and went and had dinner at the McCall Brew House, great place to eat and good atmosphere.


Friday 15

McCall Mayhem

July Sign up for the show and shine and Tattoo contest starts at 1400.  Since this was more of a vacation than an event that The Green Knights were putting on it was a really good break.  Traveled the 3 minutes to the beach for the sign ups, the actual show was Saturday at 1400.  We took off from there and did a short trip around the Lake.  Warren Wagon road will take you up to north Payette Lake but we did not know this yet…  So we traveled about 20 minutes at the grueling 35 mph speed limit.  There is one section on Warren Wagon road that is about 100 feet long that is tore up for construction, some loose gravel but nothing we have not seen before.  The pine trees and green grass was an awesome and welcomed sight from the normal high desert plain we are used to.  The cool 75 degree weather was nice also considering 125 miles down the road it was in the 100’s.  About 20 minutes up the road we decided to turn around and head back toward town. Later that evening they had a Bikini contest at one of the local bars, and it was not as exciting as it sounds.  We did however, meet 2 couples that rode up from California and started to talk with them.  Headed to another local watering hole and shortly after called it a night.  Had to be up early to clean the bikes for the show and shine the next afternoon.


16 July 2011

McCall out the window of the condo

Got up and headed to the local car wash to spray down the bikes from the rain residue that was left from the night before.  Went down to the beach front where the Bike show was going to be.  17 motorcycles, yes 17 entered the show and shine, so our chances of winning were slim considering the local club was there.  Despite all of this my Best friend Mac, won the show and shine with his Harley Davidson Night Train named “The Mistress”, he received a $25 poker chip for the Tattoo shop a pair of chaps and 2 T-shirts.  Second place got 2 T-shirts $25 poker chip and a Leather “get back” whip.  Did not see what the 3rd place winner received.  We were quite stoked that someone in our group won!  Way to Go Mac.  After the show we figured that we had done enough cleaning and it was time to get the bikes dirty on some roads.  Met up about 45 minutes later at the beach front and headed out the back way around the lake.  We were told by some locals that the road would turn to gravel but was only about a mile or so. WRONG!  6 miles later after seeing some really awesome waterfalls and almost needing a blood transfusion from all of the mosquitoes we returned to Warren Wagon road. Heading north toward North Payette Lake stopping for more waterfalls and bike pictures we saw a Bald Eagle chilling in the trees and got some good pictures of that.  Figured after losing 4 pints of blood to the mosquitoes we headed back into town and then the rain started!  The down pour was pretty good and the light show wasn’t bad either, made for a slow ride back though.  Luckily for us the Chevron gas station in town is fully covered and the locals let us keep the bike under there till we got back from dinner.  After dinner we headed down to Forrester Bar where Cyndi, Allen, and Lyndsi were in the semi-finals for their tattoos.  They did not win but they made it to the semi-finals.


17 July 2011

Warren Wagon Road

Day to head out we got the one bike strapped down and ready to go cleaned out the condo and about 1100 hit the road south back toward Boise.  None of us wanted to leave but the fun was over and the time had come.  The Maverick station had gas for about 7 cents cheaper so we topped off and headed out.  The ride back was quite nice until we got about 17 miles out of town and the heat got turned on.  We went from 68 degrees to 89 in about 30 minutes.  As we got closer to Boise the Sun really turned on reaching well over 95 degrees.  Woo Hoo we’re cooking now!  Highway 55 on the weekends is 2 lanes with no pilot car unlike during the week so the traveling was clean all the way through with a stop in Horseshoe Bend.  The stop was the little ice cream shop on the right didn’t catch the name but seeing as it is July and it’s Ice Cream Month we stopped and made sure to have some.  Headed back into Mountain Home on 84 and finished the trip with all of us safe and sound back at homes already making plans for next year.


Personal note:  If you ever get a chance to spend a weekend with some really good people riding motorcycles and talking about bikes and just enjoying each other’s company, do it you may just end up calling them your family after the trip is done. Been riding for many years and this by far was the best ride weekend ever.  If anyone wants any information about this weekend they can email me at

Written by Benjamin Truex

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