Top 20 Motorcycle Roads in the Southeast

This is the last post in the Top 20 Motorcycle Roads series.  Here are the top 20 motorcycle roads in the Southeast.  Once again, these roads were rated on a scale of 1 to 5 by motorcyclists who have previously ridden these routes – with a score of 5 being the best.



The Ozello Trail  – With this route you want to start off just North of Homosassa Springs in a town called Cutlers. In this town (off or US Highway 19) you will find  W. Ozello Trail, which is also known as State Route 494. The scenery is great for taking lots of pictures and there are lots of twisties throughout the route and lots of water. The roads are almost perfect and there are also many other great roads to explore in this area just off this route.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road length: 9 Miles (one way)


Indian River Lagoon Short Loop – The starting point of this route can be found at the intersection of US-1 and A1A (South). This is a perfect ride for anyone who just started cruising because there are lots of slight twists, but nothing overwhelming. This route takes you through minor hills and dips and of course a few turns and curves. The scenery is great because you get to pass through some great beaches. Overall, this route has a great balance of open relaxing highway and rural roads that both experienced riders and beginners can enjoy.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 44 Miles



Georgia’s Dragon – The Suches Loop – Start off in Dahlonega, GA and head North Dahlonega on Route 60. Once 60 North merges with GA 19 it will split off to the left towards Suches, GA. Follow this up to Suches, GA then turn right on Route 180, Wolfpen Gap Road. Stay on that till it ends in to US Highway 129/19. At that point take a right on to US 129/19 and follow it south back down into Dahlonega.  This route drives around the base of Georgia’s Blood Mountain and there are some incredible views as you pass through three mountain passes along the way. There are a few blind turns and some elevation changes, so this ride is a little bit of a challenge and probably best for an experienced rider.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 42 Miles

Northern Georgia Scenic Bypass Loop – On this route you get to travel along a couple different US Government designed scenic byways.  You get to see Georgia’s tallest mountain and travel through the Chattahoochee National Forest, which is very hilly and the forests are thick. There are also some really great waterfalls in this area. The roads are perfect for motorcycles with some steeps and curves that make for an entertaining ride.
Riders Ratings: 5
Motorcycle Road Length: 40 Miles


South Carolina

Beaufort Scenery – Beaufort is most accessible by taking Interstate 95 down to Highway 21 at Yemassee from the north or up to Highway 278 at Hardeeville from the south. On this route you get to pass through the very scenic and quant historic district and of course lots of rivers, barrier islands and Hunting Island State Park. There is so much to see and do in Beaufort; you can really spend the whole day here. Most of the roads in Beaufort were recently expanded and the bridges into the town are new. Parts of the historic district streets can get a little crowded, but nothing too overwhelming.
Riders Rating: 5
Motorcycle Road Length: 40 Miles

Highway 28: Tri-State Tour – Start in Walhalla, SC and head north on route 28, cross the SC/GA border, stay on route 28, cross the GA/NC border, and head into Highlands, NC where the ride ends. There are some great scenic views of National Forests’, mountains and waterfalls. You really get a great sampling of three states (GA, SC and TN) on this ride and you get to travel through Sumter National Forest and Nantahala National Forest. There are a lot of tight curves and long sweepers and the majority of the roads are in good shape.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 29 Miles


North Carolina

Route 181 – Jonas Ridge to Morganton – Just take route 181 all the way to Jonas Ridge and you get a great view or mountains throughout your ride. This is a great ride with great roads that were paved back in 2005.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 25 Miles

The Cherokee Run – Just south of Lake Junaluska, NC, off of US 23 (exit 103), take US 19 South as it takes you west to the town of Cherokee. Some of the best scenery can be found along this route. There is water at the bottom of the valley you are traveling through for most of the trip. For part of this road you will enter the Cherokee Nation’s reservation, it carries you also through Maggie Valley. The road because of being cut through from the mountainside is narrow and has some difficult turns. There are some good twisties with some elevation changes.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road length: 23 Miles



Blue Ridge Parkway – If you are starting this ride on the north or upper half, go Staunton VA on interstate 81 and then head east on interstate 64 towards Waynesboro or Afton VA. From there just look for and follow the Blue Ridge Parkway signs.  One of the reasons why we like this route is because there is limited access, which means no traffic and most importantly, limited trucks. You get some numerous overlooks and beautiful scenic views of the Smokey Mountains.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 367 Miles

Skyline Drive – Skyline Drive begins in Front Royal, VA. Once you are on Skyline Drive, take it South all the way through Shenandoah National Park and end at the town of Waynesboro, VA. As you ride through Shenandoah National Park you get to see some great mountain views and wildlife. Pretty much this ride is 105 miles of twisty mountain roads, which are all in good condition for riding.
Riders Rating: 5
Motorcycle Road Length: 105 Miles


West Virginia

Rout 20’s Twisties – Start out at Charmco, WV and take Highway 20 all the way north until you end in Buckhannon, WV.  This is a great twisty route with some scenic views of the rolling countryside. The road quality is mostly good. However, from Charmco, WV to Craigsville, WV expect some rough patches. We think the best section of this route to ride is from Webster Spring to Rock Cave, North or South. On this stretch you will find never ending twisties and minimal traffic.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 113 Miles

US 219 Elkins to Summerville – The starting point of this route is located between Interstate 79 and 81, near the north end of the Monongahela National Forest. Summerville is located on 19, west of Charleston. 72.5 miles from Elkins to Mill Point on 219 then another 63 miles along 39/55 to Summerville. As you start into the hills, there are many pull offs for you to stop at and take in the views. As for the road condition, there are some banked curves and switch backs and there are some steep corners where the elevation change is very noticeable.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 126 Miles



KY 499 to 52 – Richmond to Beattyville  – Start this route just south of Richmond, KY where US Highway 421 and Kentucky route 499 intersect. From there go east towards Irvine and once in Irvine take a right on to Kentucky route 52 and take this east/southeast. This will take you to your end point at Beattyville, KY.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 44 Miles



Cherohala Skyway – The route starts in Tennessee and ends in North Carolina. This is a great ride that connects Robbinsville, North Carolina with Tellico Plains, Tennessee. This route has many sweeping tight curves; elevation changes and no amenities so make sure you fill up prior to. However, there is a gas station and places to stop and eat at both ends. Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 45 Miles

Cades Cove – This 27 mile, two-lane road follows a river and has breathtaking scenery of the mountains as you ride. Cades Cove is in a National Park so the road is very well maintained and has some exciting twists and turns since it follows the contour of the river.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 27 Miles

Deals Gap, Tail of the Dragon –Deals Gap is a small 11-mile stretch that hugs the border of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park with 318 curves. Since it is hard to find on a map, we suggest you use an online map to find the route. The closest town to the north end of Deal’s Gap is Tallahassee, TN and the closest town to the south end of the road is Tapoco, NC. Even though this a little tricky to find on a map, we added it because the Beautiful Smoky Mountain scenery includes some lush forests and evergreen covered mountains and makes for a pretty exciting ride with many, many curves, sharp turns and some steep drop-offs. This is the perfect ride to get your adrenaline pumping but can be a little challenging for beginners.
Riders Rating: 5
Motorcycle Road Length: 11 miles



The Arkansas Dragon – Highway 123 – This route starts at the intersection of Highway 7 and Highway 123, which is about 40 miles north of Russellville, AR in a town called Lurton, AR. From here take Highway 123 northeast up to Mt. Judea. The scenic view is great but you probably will not have time to look, considering there are great switchbacks around every corner. The road is in great shape and no trucks are allowed!
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 15 Miles



A Circle around Toledo Bend Reservoir – This is a great route with beautiful scenery of country farmland with lots of hills and creeks to cross over.  You may also see some wildlife. As for road quality, the roads are good well maintained with a good amount of hills, curves and some straight-aways. This is about a 5-hour ride and if you like piney woods and the hills of east Texas and West Louisiana you will enjoy this route.
Riders Rating: 3.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 150 miles


Backwoods route from Benndale to Monticello – This route starts in Benndale at the intersection of Highway 57 and 26. Go West on Highway 26 to Wiggins from there pick up Highway 13 North and ride to Columbia, Ms. From Columbia take the scenic Route 587 to end in Monticello, Ms. This route is mostly two lane back roads with farms, pastures and some long stretches of woods. There is minimal traffic and the road conditions are good for riding.
Riders Rating: 5
Motorcycle Road Length: 107 Miles



Cheaha Mountain Skyway – This route starts just south of DeArmanville, AL and ends in Lineville, Alabama. You get some great scenic views in Talladega and lots of unspoiled countryside inside the Talladega National Forest.  There are several slow switchbacks, decreasing radius turns and several tight twisties (along  49), which will keep you grinning throughout your ride.
Riders Rating: 4.5,
Motorcycle Road Length: 44 Miles


Have you ever ridden on one of these roads? If so, please drop us a line and tell us about it!

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