Gmax GM54s: A Modular Helmet for the Masses

Modular helmets have grown in popularity over the past several years. Just picture the convenience of a flip front for communicating with others, putting on glasses, or grabbing a drink of water without having to removing your helmet.  Combine that with the safety of a full face helmet, and it is easy to understand the reason why a growing number of riders are opting for modular helmets for their heads. While a modular helmet can sound very appealing, one of the major factors keeping a lot of riders back is the cost. As you can imagine, having all of those added moving parts drives the cost up, placing many flip up helmets out of reach for the price conscious buyer. Well, Gmax has done it yet again with the GM54s Modular HelmetWith a street price which is well under $150, the GM54s offers a lot of features that are typically reserved for helmets costing two or three times the price. The chin bar mechanism on the Gmax GM54s latches securely with metal locking posts and hooks, and operates with a simple lever located on the front of the chin bar. This enables you to easily flip up the front of the helmet at a stoplight, and quickly lock it back down when it is time to get going again. One more fantastic aspect of the Gmax GM54s is the internal sun visor. A plastic slider on the top of the helmet makes deploying the dark smoke internal visor effortless, even with gloves on. There are two features of the GM54s that really stand out apart from other brands. Number one was the sheer number of vents that are present. The GM54s is covered in both intake and exhaust vents, most of which are closeable and lined with a metal mesh that looks really sharp as well. The other stand out feature is the distinctive red LED light that is situated on the back of the helmet. This light can be set to remain constantly on, slow blink, or fast blink. These options are easily cycled through via a rubberized button on the back of the helmet. You might need the assistance of a friend to get to the setting you want while wearing the helmet, but the increase in night-time visibility is obviously a very welcome feature. Overall we have been very satisfied with just how much Gmax is able to pack into their helmets while keeping the price at an affordable level. The Gmax GM54s is DOT approved, and will be a great option for the budget conscious rider looking for a modular helmet.

0 thoughts on “Gmax GM54s: A Modular Helmet for the Masses

    1. Bryan,
      All the vents close. There are 2 exhaust ports that remain open, but they are in the back at the bottom on each side, no water will leak in through there. So it is as waterproof as any other helmet. The seals were nice and with vents closed, there was 0 ventilation so there would be 0 water.


  1. So how good is the ventilation compared to something like the Shoei, my old rf-1000 was very good and I’m looking for something modular that vents really well.


    1. @George
      GMAX actually makes a snow version of almost all their street helmets…or vice versa, depending on how you want to look at it. They use the same Model number/letters for the street and snow versions of helmets. They are 2 different helmets though…a good way to tell is that the snow has the Maximum Seal Double Lens that looks like there is a pinlock insert outline in the shield.


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