Top 20 Motorcycle Roads in the Northeast

Once again we promised a list of the top 20 motorcycle roads.  Here are the top 20 motorcycle roads in the Northeast.  These roads were rated on a scale of 1 to 5 by motorcyclists who have previously ridden these routes – with a score of 5 being the best.



Catoctin Mountain and Frederick County – Carroll County, MD is one of the prettier farm counties in the State of Maryland so you can expect some beautiful scenery with many stretches in nice cool woodlands along this route. Just off the main route you can find several covered bridges. The asphalt roads are pretty well maintained and there are plenty of twists and turns but there are also some good straight-aways on the route as well.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 64 Miles



Delaware Coast Short Run – This route takes you along the beautiful Delaware Bay coast where you get to pass through some pretty cool coastal estuaries. This route goes from farmland to wetlands. This quiet 2-lane secondary road quality is good through the country and along the Delaware Shore. However, there are very few areas with a shoulder or a breakdown lane and there are a few blind curves, so be cautious on this stretch. From the Air Mobility museum located at the Dover End, to the view from the Reedy point Bridge as you approach Del city, there are a lot of things to catch your eye, and enough turns and long straights to challenge yourself as you ride.
Riders Rating: 3.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 60 Miles


New Jersey

The New Jersey Skyline Drive – This is a very scenic ride with woods and trees on both sides of you as you ride.  You can start your route off Near Oakland in Bergen/Passaic County and take 287 to Skyline Drive and end up at Route 23 where you can go north to get to Sussex County or south to Wayne, NJ. During this ride you will come across many winding roads up and downhill. After the reservoir you have a nice straight ride through many small New Jersey towns. You will pass Ringwood Manor State Park which features Ringwood Manor House, Skylands Manor House and Botanical Garden. There are plenty of places to stop along the way to fish, hike or to have a picnic.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 23 Miles



The Northern Connecticut Border Run – This is a nice and quiet route that takes you through the forest and farmland on the Connecticut and Massachusetts border. Start at the intersection of Rt 169 and 190 in North Woodstock CT then head West on 197. After 25 miles, 197 will turn into 190, you follow this until the route ends at 159 in Enfield, CT. There are a few good twists and turns along the way with very little traffic, which makes this ride even more enjoyable.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 35 Miles


Lovely Litchfield Loop – If you follow this loop it will take you through some quant New England scenery including, some small preserved historical towns and the beautiful Litchfield Hills area of Connecticut that has some of the most breathtaking scenic views in Connecticut. Along this route you will find plenty of state parks and some historic New England landmarks that are worth checking out. This is a perfect ride that can easily turn into a day trip.
Riders Rating: 3
Motorcycle Road Length: 50 Miles


Rhode Island

The Western Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut Loop – Starting out in Newport/Jamestown Rhode Island, this route will take you right through Beach Pond State Park and Arcadia State Park, with plenty of scenic views. You will also pass by many ponds and lakes. Since this route is mainly back country roads, there is minimal traffic and you get to experience a good mix of turns, curves and some straights.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 64 miles

Zig Zag to the Sea – You can start this route in North Smithfield RI, then take 116 South to Route 14 West to 102 South to Route 3 South to Route 138. At Kingston get on 108 South and take it all the way down to the sea & Point Judith. This road offers some of the best twists and turns in Rhode Island. The road is in great condition and you will get a good amount of twists and turns throughout the ride. You also get to see some great scenery with a variety of small New England towns with some good shopping and restaurants.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 62 Miles



Ride to Salem, Gloucester, and Annisquam Village – This ride takes you through some terrific scenery on the North shore where you will find some natural wonders from salt marshes to rocky coves. Salem is worth a stop if you want to check out the history of the Salem Witch Trials and Gloucester offers some quant little villages. Overall, there is so much to see and there are so many scenic towns that offer everything from camping, whale watching to deep sea fishing expeditions, you can really make a weekend out of this route.  Most importantly, this route avoids the congestion of RT95, which us motorcyclists love, and takes you through some really nice roads just North of Boston.
Riders Rating: 3.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 140 Miles


Wachusett Reservoir Area  – Farms and forests along with a big reservoir is what you will see on this tour. You will also pass through some lovely town centers such as Clinton Center, Maynard Center and even Harvard Center. This is a nice ride with some great scenery on a mostly one lane road that is in fair condition for the most part.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 75



Route 17 – Mad River Glen  – This scenic route provides some good views of the country and the mountains and has some really great twisties! You can start out in the town of Waitsfield and take Route 100 south for a short mile and then get on Route 17 heading west. Continue on to the town of South Starksboro where the ride ends. About a 15 mile trip.  You get to pass through Camel’s Hump State Forest along the way. Some of the roads are newly paved so the condition is fine, other roads have a few bumps here and there but nothing to deter you from riding the road again in the future.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 15


Brattleboro to Burlington – This scenic route offers some beautiful views of the country, forests, mountains, waterfalls and rivers. Since there is no traffic, and no twisties and the roads are in good condition, this is a perfect route to just ride at your leisure and take in the breathtaking scenery. There are also some great shops and lots of places to stop and grab a bite to eat.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 159 miles


New Hampshire

Route 118 to 112 – Kancamagus Highway  – Start in Warren, NH and take Route 118 North until it ends and runs into Rouute 112. Go East on Route 112 which ends in Conway, NH. During this route you will be traveling through White Mountain National Forest and will end up passing through some great scenic towns that have plenty of places to stop off and have a bite to eat.  Road quality is great for motorcycles and has tight turns up one side of a mountain and down the other side.  If you like turns this is definitely a must ride!
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 53 Miles



Mount Desert Island Loop – To get to this route, travel to Trenton, ME and on to Hulls Cove, ME and enter the Acadia National Park via the Hulls Cove entrance. This route is located on Mount Desert Island, which is home of Acadia National Park and is a great route because not only do you get to ride through some dense forests’ but you also get to ride along the shoreline and if you travel to the top of Cadillac Mountain you get a great 360–degree view of the Atlantic Ocean! This is a winding road with some slight inclines and declines and overall is in good condition.
Note: Depending on what time of year you travel this route, the road can get pretty congested due to tourists.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 35 miles


Northern Route 201 – This ride covers the most scenic section of Kenebec River along the Western Mountains of Maine. You get a great view of the mountains across the river and if you are lucky you will also get some great views of wildlife, especially on the second half of the trip. Since this road is the main corridor from Quebec to Maine, it is pretty well maintained.  It has lots of good turns and twists that follow the curves of the river.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 101 miles


New York

Catskill Preserve – One of the top reasons this made out list is because you get to drive through mountain passes and along crystal clear reservoirs and rivers on almost perfect road conditions.  The scenery and road conditions are remarkable and the roads don’t bear all the heavy traffic of the cities so they remain in near perfect condition. There are also tons of little towns and villages along this route.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 100 Miles


Cayuga Lake Tour – This is a wonderful ride that starts in Ithaca and runs through Taughannock Falls State Park. You get some great lake views as well with some twists and turns along the way. From Ithaca get on 89 North and take that North as it follows the Western shore of Cayuga Lake. Take it until you get to Bridgeport and come to NY Route 5/US 20 where you take a right. Head east NY Route 5/US 20 to Auburn where you want to take a right (South) on NY Route 34. Take NY Route 34 South out of town and then split off to the right on to NY Route 34B. Take 34B as it heads south along the eastern side of Cayuga Lake and brings you down to the end point back in Ithaca.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 80 Miles


Long Island’s North Shore Tour – This is a great leisurely route that offers many different types of scenery ranging from lavish suburban neighborhoods to beautiful views of Long Island sound. There are a variety of shops, restaurants, parks, hiking trails and historical monuments along the way with miles of beautiful scenery to take in. This is the perfect route to ride to enjoy and take in what long Island has to offer.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 60 Miles


Route 10, Walton to Deposit – As one of the most scenic routes in NY, this route takes you through the Cannonsville Reservoir, which appears on both sides of the road. Once you leave Walton NY and head on Route 10 there are no more towns and the two-way highway is mainly made up of locals and other bikers with barely any traffic. The background scenery is a postcard like picture of the Catskill Mountains that surround you on both sides with not one house in sight.  Overall, the road quality is smooth and pretty level with some exciting wide sweeping turns that give you an opportunity to take in the scenery, which is as wide as the road itself.
Riders Rating: 4
Motorcycle Road Length: 23 Miles



PA 233 – 50 Miles and Four State Parks – Heading from North to South on PA 233 you will do some mountain riding through Doubling Gap pass as it cuts through Tusscarora State Forest. After descending Doubling Gap you will pass some rolling hills and farmland. PA 233 is at its best between Pine Grove Furnace and Caledonia State Park as you ride through lush and thick forest. The condition of this road varies from sweepers, tight turns to some smooth, well-conditioned tarmac.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 50 miles


Pennsylvania Route 44 – This route is very simple to find and follow, just start in Williamsport, PA and south of town you will find PA Route 44. Get on this and take it northwest up to Coudersport, PA. With 70 plus miles of secluded state forest this is ultimately one of the best rides in PA for nature lovers.  There are no stop signs, lights or traffic, which is a motorcyclists dream!  However, the condition of the road varies. There are some spots that you will encounter many turns, elevation changes and some sweepers.
Riders Rating: 4.5
Motorcycle Road Length: 89 Miles

These roads are only a few that made our list. Have you ever ridden on one of these roads? If so, please drop us a line and tell us about it!

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