The Scorpion EXO-900: More than Meets the Eye

Forgive me for the cheesy headline, but the name of the Scorpion EXO-900 Transformer conjures up memories from my youth that have long since been forgotten. How much would I have loved to own an EXO-900 Transformer to experiment with as a youngster? Ok, perhaps I should admit that I never grew up, and I’m having as much fun wearing the EXO-900 today than I would have when I was 9 years old. The EXO-900 can adjust from a modular full face helmet to an open face ¾ helmet design in less than a minute (hence the name). The EXO-900 is more than just two helmets in one, however. The Scorpion Airfit system provides a customized fit by way of inflatable cheekpads. With the EXO-900, you don’t have to purchase different cheekpads to get the perfect fit. Just inflate the cheekpads using the pump found in the neck roll until the helmet fits comfortably, then, when you’re ready to remove it, just depress the relief valve and the cheekpads will deflate. Yet another fantastic aspect of the EXO-900 is the internal sun visor. This internal tinted shield deploys effortlessly using a switch found on the left side of the helmet. This really offers a lot of convenience since you will not need to bring an extra face shield for when the sun goes down. For warm weather, the EXO-900 provides vents in the form of a pop-up air scoop on the top, and a vented air spoiler at the rear. The two vents are easy to open and close with gloves on. The Transformer Helmet also accommodates communication systems with ease. An easily-removed panel is located on the left side of the helmet, and will enable you to route wires right through the side of the shell without compromising its integrity. This panel is not made for specific communication systems, yet is rather as a simple way to modify the helmet without damaging it. The Scorpion EXO-900 really is like getting two helmets in one and together with all the extra bells and whistles that it provides, it stands in a league of its own. Be sure to view all Scorpion Helmets in our online store.

0 thoughts on “The Scorpion EXO-900: More than Meets the Eye

  1. I purchased an EXO900 in the spring of 2010. I use it for a daily commute of 20k each way. Although heavy and probably noisier than my previous open face helmet, I found the helmet reasonably comfortable. I like the extra protection and the visor is a great option. Last summer I took a 10 day trip. I used an IMC intercom system to listen to my MP3. About 2 hrs. into the ride I had to get the helmet off because it bothered my ears terribly. I took the speakers out and that provided some relief. Still, at every fill up I had to get the helmet off for about 10 minutes before I continued riding. When I got home I went back to the dealer to see if there was any adjustment that might be made. I was told there was not and that it would probably break in and be just fine. It’s now a year plus later and 15 thous K later and the helmet is still not comfortable for more than 2 hrs. Not even that long with speakers in. Over this time 2 of the plastic tabs that hold the liner in the helmet have broken off inside the hole they fit in. While the vents are easy open and close, the ventilation is minimal. If they are open during rain, they will let water in. For me, I would not buy this helmet again; I would look around.


    1. Thanks for your honest reply. We are sorry this helmet did not work out for you. If you are still liking the modular style helmets, I recommend checking out the Bell Revolver or Nolan N103. You may find those more comfortable and appealing while still being in the EXO-900 price range.


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