AGV Sport Veloce Jacket Review

The AGV Sport Veloce Mesh Jacket is completely unique. Ideal for the rider who wants the safety attributes of a racing suit, along with the convenience and comfort of your everyday mesh jacket. Why don’t we be honest, nothing is going to provide you with the amount of protection you will get in a race suit, but a race suit just isn’t always realistic for running to school or work, or even when out on a ride with friends during the summer season. The Veloce Mesh Jacket takes several protective features found on AGV Sport’s race suits, and incorporates them into a mesh jacket that would be ideal for hot weather riding. As the majority of you probably are aware of, leather is among the best materials you can have between your body and the pavement. That is thanks to it’s very high abrasion resistance and strength. The downside of wearing leather is it can be very heavy and hot. With the Veloce they’ve taken care of both these issues. Thin, supple glove leather (.9 mm thick) is found on the shoulders and elbows, in addition to down both sides of the jacket. This lightweight leather needs no break in, and it is fully perforated which keeps you cool. One more feature that we haven’t come across on a mesh jacket is an aerodynamic speed hump on the back. Though this is not the type of jacket you would expect to take into the higher triple digits, the back hump actually supplies another level of protection to your neck. If you were to land flat on your back, the speed hump creates a bridge in between the back of the helmet and the pavement, to stop the head from being wrenched forward too far. In addition to the leather and speed hump, the Veloce mesh motorcycle jacket includes CE approved armor for the shoulders and elbows, plus an 8mm memory foam back pad. With regard to comfort, the Veloce jacket has Velcro waist adjustment belts, snap sleeve take ups, and two point cuff snaps. Reflective piping is used on the front and back of the jacket for some additional night-time visibility, while the AGV Sport emblems are reflective as well. For the purpose of cool or wet weather, a wind blocking, water-proof lining is included as well. If you are looking at a mesh motorcycle jacket, you really can’t go wrong with the AGV Sport Veloce.

Check out our AGV Sport Veloce Mesh Jacket Video Review here!

0 thoughts on “AGV Sport Veloce Jacket Review

  1. This is a light jacket for warm weather ridding. As mentioned it’s mesh with thin plastic like leather. It has padding but not sure it will provide much protection in case of fall or crash. Summery, light jacket with minimum protection. Overall construction for this jacket is: sub-standard.


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