AGV AX-8 Pastrana Helmet Review

Travis Pastrana is one of those guys who everyone loves. Regardless of whether he’s tearing it up with his rally car, or inventing another huge freestyle motocross trick, he is just a ton of fun to see perform. The new AGV AX-8 Pastrana graphic features Travis inspired style and design, using 199 bomb emblem on the rear as well as Nitro Circus graphics for the sides. If you’ve not watched Nitro Circus, you are really missing out, those guys are really crazy! The lightning bolt on the right part of the helmet has been said to stand for Bob Hannah (another guy who loved to ride wide open), who was an inspiration to Travis while he was a youngster.

Not only is the vibrant black, yellow, and red graphic rather eye catching, the AX-8 helmet is an amazing lid. Its fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber composite shell works to make it incredibly light-weight. When I 1st picked up the box I wasn’t sure if the helmet was actually in there! We put the helmet on our shipping scale and it displayed 3.0 lbs. Any time you are pushing the limits and riding hard, it truly is incredible the way a little weight savings like that can produce a major difference – particularly if that weight is located on top of ones head.

Yet another thing which we really favored about the AGV AX8 was the simplicity of taking out the liner. The cheekpads and crown liner were exceptionally easy to remove, helping to make after moto cleanup that much faster. Along with to the Pastrana Graphic, the AX-8 Helmet comes in several unique styles, including the dual-sport variation with a faceshield. See all AGV AX-8 Helmet options in our online store.

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