Top 20 Motorcycle Roads in the Midwest

For the third week we decided to list the top 20 motorcycle roads in the Midwest. Again, these roads were rated on a scale of 1 to 10 by motorcyclists who have previously ridden these routes – with a score of 10 being the best.

North Dakota

Enchanted Highway –Enchanted Highway begins at exit 72 on Interstate 94. There are many interesting metal statues every few miles, which makes for a pretty entertaining ride. We recommend bringing a camera for this one! There is also a museum at the end of the route in the small town of Regent that sells various items and is worth stopping for.
Motorcycle Road length: 32 Miles
Riders Rating:  9


The Incredible North Shore Tour – As you work your way through the North Shore shoreline, you will pass numerous waterfalls, state parks the Superior National Forest and finally end at the Canadian border. The road is in good condition with some gentle curves.
Motorcycle Road Length: 144 miles
Riders Rating: 9.1

South Dakota

Central Hills Loops – This route is a perfect ride for motorcyclists! You will ride from the quaint historic town of Keystone past Mount Rushmore, through scenic Custer State Park. This route has more scenery per mile than any other route in the world! The road has incredible twisties, switchbacks, bridges, and tunnels. Be cautious though, some of the roads are narrow with some tight turns and elevation changes.
Motorcycle Road Length: 57 Miles
Riders Rating: 9.7


Highway 2 Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway –Due to the rain, the landscape turns from a sandy brown hue to a beautiful green color late spring early summer. To fully appreciate the beautiful scenery, we recommend riding this route then. The highway moves with the landscape of the sandhills, giving you lots of descents, turns and hills.
Motorcycle Road Length: 272
Motorcycle Rating: No Rating


Figure 8 in the Flint Hills  – This is a great historic ride. Council Grove has a lot of historic places that are worth stopping off to check out. You will also go by the Kansas Capitol building. The scenery also changes from flat open prairies to large hills. The paved roads are in excellent condition with curves, the whole way. There are also plenty of places to stop for fuel or food along this route.
Motorcycle Road Length: 362
Motorcycle Riding: 10



Eastern Missouri (anything East of Jefferson City)

Highway 106 Ellington to Houston – This route takes you from Ellington to Houston and is a great route with plenty of detours if you would like to see more countryside. Once you leave Ellington and head West the road starts out through a valley then quickly climbs into Deer Run State Forest. The road has some twists and numerous curves with hills and trees on both sides!
Motorcycle Length: 65 miles
Riders Rating: 10

Western Missouri (anything West of Jefferson City)

The Big MO River Ride Loop – You will get some great views of the Missouri River flowing on this route. Then once you get onto Highway 10 & 210 the road scenery changes to mainly farm country, which provides some nice easy riding.  This route is mostly easy riding; there are a few curves and a lot of turns but nothing crazy.We recommend this route if you are looking for a nice, easy relaxing ride.
Motorcycle Length: 123 miles
Riders Rating: 8.7


The Northeast Iowa Loop – This is a gorgeous loop with great scenery of vistas, large hills and valleys. There are great amounts of twisties on Country Road A26, which is very enjoyable!
Motorcycle Length: 54 Miles
Riders Rating: 8


Northern Wisconsin (anything North of Greenbay)

187 Along the Wolf River – This is a winding route with plenty of curves and has great views of the flowing Wolf River on one side and Wisconsin farmland on the other. You also get to pass through the Navarino Nature area.
Motorcycle Length: 28 Miles
Rider Mating: 10

Southern Wisconsin (anything South of Greenbay)

Wisconsin 60 Along the Wisconsin River – This route parallels the Wisconsin River  from Madison (Sauk city) to Prairie du Chien where the Mississippi River and the Wisconsin Rivers intersect. The road quality and scenery of this route are both perfect. The curves are not too technical with some spots tighten up a bit creating an exhilarating ride!
Motorcycle Length: 82 Miles
Rider Rating: 9.2


Northern (anything North of Springfield)

The Rock River Run – This 42 mile route gives you that small town Midwest feeling with a unique view of rock formations and ravines. A statue of Chief Blawkhawk sits high on the bluff overlooking the waterway. This route is mainly two-lanes with some slight turns.
Motorcycle Length: 42 Miles
Riders Rating: 9

Southern Illinois (anything South of Springfield)

Great River Road – With this route you have the beautiful Mississippi river on one side and farm fields, bluffs and caves on the other side making this a great road to ride with beautiful scenery! There are some nice sweeping curves along the way and some side roads that connect to the River Road where you will find some twisties.
Motorcycle Length: 20 Miles
Riders Rating: 9

The Illinois Ultimate Scenic Rivers Route – This is a great scenic river road with views of Mississippi river and bluffs at the South end. North of Grafton, the scenery changes to mostly farm and river countryside. This route is perfect because you get to see a beautiful combination of the Great River Road scenic byway and part of the Illinois River Scenic Byway roads. The road condition is generally smooth, with gently sweeping corners.
Motorcycle Length: 140 Miles
Riders Rating: 8.1


Northern Indiana (anything north of Indianapolis)

US HWY 12 Through the Indiana Dunes – This is a great ride through a winding two way lane highway through the Indianan dunes National Lakeshore. The view is breathtaking and the road surface is pretty flat with a few sweeping turns here and there.
Motorcycle Length: 15 Miles
Riders Rating: 8

Southern Indiana (anything south of Indianapolis)

Morgan-Monroe Loop – This is a great and peaceful loop that takes you through the rolling countryside and tranquil wooded areas in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest. The roads are in excellent condition with plenty of twists.
Motorcycle Length: 61 Miles
Riders Rating: 9

The Old SR 37 to Route 446 Run – Every biker will enjoy this ride! What makes this a 10 is in many places the trees hang over the road, and you ride through tunnels of trees, creating a very tranquil experience. One thing to note about this route is the speed limit remains 45 miles per hour. But if you were to go any faster you would miss out on the beautiful scenery.  There are some sharp curves along the road and you will be sharing the road with bicyclists so be cautious.
Motorcycle Length: 61 Miles
Riders Rating: 10.6


Northern Michigan (anything north of Grand Rapids)

Tunnel of Trees Road  – The road hugs the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan through a dense forest. You do get a glimpse of the shoreline, but only briefly.  The twisty and narrow road runs through a forest of trees. It is paved all the way and has a number of very tight twist-backs.
Note: The speed limit varies from 15-30 miles per hour.
Motorcycle Road Length: 22 Miles
Riders Rating: 9

Southern Michigan (anything south of Grand Rapids)

From Coldwater to Hell – As interesting as it sounds, this route takes you from Coldwater, MI to Hell, MI (or formerly known as the Saulk trail). Once you go North on 52 past Chelsea, the roads in the Pinckney State Recreation Area are probably the best riding roads that Michigan has to offer. These roads feature a wilderness landscape with tight twists and lots of rivers and lakes.
Motorcycle Road Length: 83 Miles
Riders Rating: 6.7


Northern Ohio (anything north of I-70)

State Route 164 – This road has many miles of tree-covered canopy and is a very tranquil ride with no large towns on the route. A good way to end this ride is to head west on SR 212 for a few miles until you see Leesville Marina and follow the side road back to Leesville Lake. There is a marina with a patio over looking the lake.
Motorcycle Road Length: 40 Miles
Riders Rating: 8.7

Southern Ohio (anything south of I-70)

Route 9 – Cadiz to Armstrongs Mills – This is a great ride to test your skills!  Besides the hilltop prairies, small streams and wildlife, this road has some amazing switch-backs that will defiantly test your riding skills! There are some great elevation changes and lazy sweepers too. Note: If you’re a first-timer it is best to head south from Cadiz, because by the time you are past St Clairsville that is the most challenging part of the road.
Motorcycle Road Length: 32 Miles
Riders Rating: 9

These roads are only a few that made our list. Have you ever ridden on one of these roads? If so, please drop us a line and tell us about it!

0 thoughts on “Top 20 Motorcycle Roads in the Midwest

  1. Man that 37 in Southern In is indead a great run , but you missed the best road in south. From New Albany take 62 to Sulphur, In. then take 66 to Tell City, In. From there you can pick up 37 and head north or Cross the Ohio and take Ky 60 to 144 back to Brandenburg, KY. Then cross back over the rive and take 11 back to New Albany. Thats about 180 miles of the best roads Southern In has to offer. There is enough curves for most any rider to enjoy and plenty of scenery for the passanger. I could write a whole lot more about overlooks and resterants.
    Take my advice if you find yourself in this part of the country ride this route, you will love it.


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