Top 20 Motorcycle Roads in the Southwest

For the second week we decided to list the top 20 motorcycle roads in the Southwest. Again, these roads were rated on a scale of 1 to 10 by motorcyclists who have previously ridden these routes – with a score of 10 being the best.


Northern Arizona


Grand Canyon North Rim Parkway – This route really gives you a unique view of northern Arizona. You will be traveling about 8,000 feet above sea level and passing through Kaibab National Forest, which has plenty of hiking trails and campgrounds if you are willing to stop. AZ_1Once you finally reach the end of the route, you will be presented with a unique view of the Grand Canyon due to the north rim’s 1,000 feet elevation advantage over the southern rim. For the most part, the roads are fairly smooth with a couple gentle turns and inclines and declines.
Motorcycle Road Length: 42 Miles
Riders Rating: 8

Old Route 66 South of Kingman – Besides some of the dynamite views of the Black Mountains and cool rock formations, you can see into Arizona, California and Nevada from the Tri-State overlook. The road has many great twists and turns and they say vehicles over 40 feet should avoid the route because of the number of tight turns.
Motorcycle Road Length: 50 Miles
Riders Rating: 7.8

Southern Arizona

Nogales to Douglas – This route is a must for Western history buffs. The road features many exquisite, and sweeping vistas of the high-desert grasslands and mountains with peaks looming to nearly 10,000 feet along with some great landmarks that include; the historical towns of Nogales, Patagonia, Tombstone, Bisbee and Douglas, AZ. Also, some great points of interest along this route are, Boot Hill Cemetery, OK Corral, the Lavender Open Pit Mine and Geronimo Surrender Monument in the town of Apache, AZ. The road is in generally good condition with some minor curves, but can defiantly be enjoyed by riders of all levels.
Motorcycle Road Length: 121 Miles
Riders Rating: 10

Superior, Winkleman, Globe Triangle – What really makes this route so interesting is the elevation change from 2500 to 5000 feet combined with corresponding changes in vegetation and geology. The scenery is breathtaking and different on all three sides. Since these are state highways, the roads are maintained very well and are in good condition.
Motorcycle Road Length: 90 Miles
Riders Rating: 8.3

Coronado Trail – This road is located in the central eastern part of Arizona and parallels the New Mexico border. You start out in a desert environment but then end up passing through an Alpine paradise, loaded with many twists and turns with breathtaking ascents along the way.
Motorcycle Road Length: 130 Miles
Riders Ratings: 9.5

New Mexico

The Road to Timberon – This road provides a great peaceful ride through Lincoln National Forest where. You will pass many farms and ranches in the valley of Cloudcroft, then after Cloudcroft go through some amazing canyons. The road condition is excellent with many twists and ups and downs.
Motorcycle Road Length: 61 Miles
Riders Rating: 9.8

US 60- Socorro to Springerville – Expect a nice relaxing ride on this road. This route will take you through a peaceful remote landscape with ranches and meadows. Expect to see more elk than people! Since this is a mountain there are some minor twists and turns but nothing out of the ordinary.
Motorcycle Road Length: 153
Riders Rating: 9

Trail of the mountain Spirits Byway (Big loop for the locals) – If you are looking for some incredible scenery with breathtaking views, this route is for you! You will be driving through the Gila National Forest that covers over 3 million acres and is of one of the most expensive, untouched National Forest’s in the Southwest. The roads are well kept and some of the roads that cover the mountain sections have great twists and turns as well as elevation changes.
Motorcycle Road Length: 93 miles
Riders Rating: 9

White Rock to Jemez Springs – The terrain on this route changes so frequently it’s no wonder it got a riders rating of 10. The sloping curves and hills provide wide-open vistas, especially Valle Grande, which is west of the popular Bandalier National Monument.
Motorcycle Road Length: 47 miles
Riders Rating: 10

Anasazi Indian Country Tour – This is a perfect route to see some great New Mexico scenery and significant historical sites that include ancient Indian cliff dwellings and the famous town, Los Alamos, where the Atomic Bomb was developed. You will start out seeing the classic Southwest scenery of orange colored rocky canyons then end up finishing the route back in an area that is known for its colorful canyons, red hills and rock bluffs.
Motorcycle Road Length: 160 Miles
Riders Rating: 9


Southern Texas (South of Austin)

The Dripping Springs to Leakey – This route provides lots of great properties and ranches to look at and three or four water crossings with large and small bodies of water on either side. The road conditions are generally good with a good amount of nice turns, twists and sweepers.
Motorcycle Road Length: 167 Miles
Riders Rating: 14.3

The Texas Pig Path Ride – This route is as interesting as the name. Expect to see what you would normally see when following old roads along drainages, tree tunnels and low water crossings, fields and pastures. Since this is ranch country, there are several historical scenes along the way with some interesting stops, which create an entertaining ride. Be prepared for some exotic and native wildlife!
Motorcycle Road Length: 60 + Miles
Motorcycle Rating: 8

Gruene-Fredericksburg – Bandera Loop – Plenty of scenic countryside, farmland, rivers, ponds, orchards/trees, rolling hills, twisty turns and cutbacks (especially between Kerrville and Bandera). There is not too much traffic throughout this ride and the Gruene, Lukenbach, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and Bandera are exceptional stops for travelers with lots of shops, country stores, dancehalls, museums, and even a biker’s resort!
Motorcycle Road Length; 239 Miles
Motorcycle Rating: 9

The Three Sisters (AKA The Twisted Sisters) – A ride through this part of Texas will most certainly change your view of the state. You will ride amongst scenery along clear rivers, through very twisty mountain type curves amidst real Texas Ranches. This route is very twisty, hence the name. So be prepared for a roller coaster of a ride with many twists passing over large hills!
Motorcycle Length: 130 miles
Motorcycle Rating: 9.2

Northern Texas (North of Austin)

Killeen Twisty Getaway – This route is beautiful, showcasing many different aspects of hill country. You will pass numerous bridges along with many places to stop and take in the view. There are numerous twisty corners mixed with sweeping fast corners that make this route great to ride!
Motorcycle Road Length: 50 Miles
Motorcycle Rating: 9.3

Highway 697 – This road has over 20 sweepers and twists, perfect for the adventurous rider! The road is generally in good condition and runs along the top of a ridge with many beautiful trees and creek bottoms.
Motorcycle Road Length: 14 Miles
Motorcycle Rating: 9

Hippie Hollow Horror – This road runs out of Austin to the northwest and then skirts along the north edge of Lake Travis. Just a little out of Austin you will pass the famous County Line BBQ on the Colorado River. There are some curves that will require you to slow down, but for the most part it is an easy stretch.
Motorcycle Road Length: 40 Miles
Motorcycle Rating: 9


The Best of 66 – This is a very beautiful, but small portion of route 66. There are some museums, small shops, stations and just some great places that are worth a stop to explore. The speed limit is very high, but be careful there are some curves. Overall, this route makes for a very interesting ride with lots to see.
Motorcycle Road Length: 40 Miles
Motorcycle Rating: 9.5

The Indian Trail Highway – This route travels just south of the beautiful Ouachita National Forest, which provides some great scenery. This route has a lot of twists, turns with uphill and downhill runs.
Motorcycle Road Length: 14 Miles
Motorcycle Rating: 8.6

Talimena National Scenic Byway – This Drive extends west to east along the ridgeline of the Winding Stair Mountain and Rich Mountain in southeastern Oklahoma. These are the highest point in elevation between the Appalachians and the Rockies. These fifty miles are filled with sharp curves and 13% grades extending from Talihina, Oklahoma on the west end to Mena, Arkansas on the west end. What makes this a great ride is some of the most breathtaking scenery in Oklahoma can be found along this route!
Motorcycle Road Length:55 Miles
Motorcycle Rating: 9.2

These roads are only a few that made our list. Have you ever ridden on one of these roads? If so, please drop us a line and tell us about it!

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