Staying Cool AND Protected in the Heat of Summer

With summer upon us, it can be more and more tempting to head out on the bike with less than adequate crash protection (you know who you are, Mr. Squid).  Truth is, we have probably all hopped on the bike without being fully dressed for the crash at one point or another.  Whether it’s just a quick trip down to the corner store, a cruise down the coast, or if it is just “too hot to gear up,” most riders have made this mistake.  Unfortunately, crashes happen when we least expect it, and not having the right gear on can have very painful consequences (road rash, anyone?).

With the latest advancements in materials and technology, there is no reason to have to leave your riding gear behind.  Mesh riding gear has really come a long way since it was first developed.  The use of materials like Kevlar in the impact areas drastically improves abrasion resistance, while CE approved armor for the back, shoulders, elbows, and knees protects those areas from impact.  All that protection is great, but what about comfort?  Well, that is where the Sliders All-Season Kevlar Mesh Jacket and All-Season Mesh Pants come in.  As the name would imply, the All-Season line is designed to be comfortable in just about any weather conditions.  Both the jacket and pants utilize a two stage liner system.  The first liner is simply a waterproof liner, which packs down small and is great to have for those unexpected summer thunderstorms.  The second liner is a thermal liner for when you encounter colder weather.  But we are talking about summer here, and what makes both of these pieces great for summer is their outer shell.  That is thanks to the ballistic mesh shell that is used over the majority of the All-Season Jacket and Pants.  This mesh lining allows air to pass right through, keeping you cool, but more importantly, keeping you safe.  Kevlar panels are used in the impact areas on the shoulders and elbows in the All Season Jacket, while the Sliders All Season Pants get the Kevlar treatment on the knees and in the seat of the pants.  As mentioned before, CE certified armor is used throughout the jacket and pants.  CE approved back armor is a very nice touch, as that is not something that is normally offered as standard with a lot of other jacket brands.  Another nice feature is the knee armor is height adjustable – great for those who aren’t of “average” height-weight proportions.

The bottom line is, there is no reason to go without adequate protection.  Riding gear such as the Sliders All-Season Jacket and Sliders All-Season Pants make riding in any weather comfortable, but more importantly, they offer the protection that you need when you are on your bike.  Stop making excuses, check out the Sliders All-Season gear today!

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