Nolan N43 Trilogy Helmet Review

The Nolan N43 Trilogy Helmet is on the upper end of the scale when it comes to “convertible” helmets (by “convertible,” we mean helmets that have a removable chin bar).  As the Trilogy name would imply, the N43 has three different ways that it can be setup.  The Nolan N43 includes a removable chin bar, which easily snaps into place via latches on each side of the helmet.  The chinbar is lined with EPS foam, and the N43 actually passes the tests for full-face helmets for the European standard ECE-2205.  The included full size faceshield integrates very nicely with the chin-bar, creating a nice seal to keep the elements out and keep wind noise down.  This full face helmet setup would be the first configuration.  If you want a less restricted view and more airflow, the chinbar can be removed and the faceshield left in place, so you still get protection from bugs, wind, and debris, but get a bit more airflow from the bottom of the shield.  Lastly, with face shield removed and the included  outer sun peak installed, the N43 can be setup as a traditional ¾ helmet.  All of these variations simply mean more versatility, and a helmet that will work in a wide variety of climates and riding scenarios.  Another one of our favorite features of the Nolan Trilogy Helmet is its internal drop down sun shield.  In any of the helmet configurations, a tinted internal visor can be deployed with an easy to use slider switch on the side of the helmet.  This allows for quick and easy adjustments for your vision on the fly.  Changing the faceshield is quick and easy too, thanks to Nolan’s quick-change system.  Two knobs on either side of the shield unlock with a simple half turn (no tools required), and the faceshield (or outer sun peak) pop right off.  The Nolan N43 Trilogy ships with a Pinlock ready faceshield.  With a Pinlock insert in place, you will be amazed at how hard it is to fog up your faceshield (view Nolan N43 Pinlock Shield Inserts).  For ventilation, the Nolan N 43 N-Com has a large closeable intake vent on the top, and two large exhaust vents at the back.  Finally, the N43 N-Com helmets are setup to accept Nolan N-Com communication systems.  These systems are made by Nolan, and they integrate with their helmets beautifully.  The Nolan N43 Helmet has a detachable plate on the left side which, when removed, reveals the mounting location for the communication system.  In addition, there are built in recesses in the helmet for the speakers and the communication system wires.

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