AXO Freedom GT Boots – Great Touring Boots which have a Unique Closure System

The AXO Freedom GT boots are fantastic boots for the serious tourer or adventure rider. At fourteen inches tall, these boots offer full coverage and very good ankle support. The Freedom GT boots are water-proof , the lining covers all but the top 2.5 ins of the boot. Surely the most innovative feature of these boots is the BOA TECHNOLOGY lacing system. Instead of a zipper or buckles to secure the boots to your feet, the Freedom GT‘s have a stainless steel cable lacing system that’s truly a joy to work with and gives a really secure personalized fit. A ratcheting spool located on the exterior portion of the boot performs all the tightening. Just simply put your foot into the boot, and give the BOA knob a number of turns, and off you go! When you are ready to take them off, you simply pull out on the knob which releases the cable tension, letting you effortlessly pull your feet out from the boots. All of us are very big fans of the BOA lacing system mainly because it provides you with a much more secure personalized fit than the usual basic zipper. Yet it isn’t any more complicated to get on and off than just a normal touring boot. Two additional big positive aspects for the BOA system with regard to motorcyclists: equal tension throughout the boot for comfort, plus, most importantly, absolutely no loose laces to become caught up on your bike. Moving on to other highlights of these boots, there are accordion type stretch panels on the front and rear of the boots, and reflective panels increase night-time visibility on the rear also. The sole of the Freedom GT Boots have a very good grippy compound and also a smooth tread pattern so you can easily move about on the pegs. The toe box, heel cup, shin plate, and ankle bones all contain reinforcements for impact as well as abrasion protection. Overall we’ve been really pleased with the AXO Freedom GT Boots, and if you are wanting to buy a full length touring boot, these are certainly worth a look.

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