Bell Transitions SolFX Shield

The Bell Transitions SolFX Shield is the solution many of us have been looking for when it comes to a do-it-all faceshield.  The Bell SolFX is more than just two shields in one.  It is a clear shield, a smoke shield, and everything in between.  The Bell Sol FX uses Transitions lens technology to automatically adjust the tint depending on how much light (technically, UV) that it is exposed to.  When the shield is exposed to Ultra Violet light, it automatically darkens.  It seemed to take approximately 30 seconds for the shield to go from completely clear to fully dark, which was about as dark as a dark smoke shield.  When not exposed to UV, the shield remains completely clear, and, since car headlights and streetlights do not emit UV, it will stay clear when you need it to be at night.  The SolFX visor is also treated with an anti-fog coating, so that your vision is always clear no matter what the weather.  The convenience of not having to carry an extra faceshield and the fact that the SolFX is constantly adjusting to the light conditions makes it well worth the price tag!  It may seem silly, but this shield is so great you might want to buy a helmet just to go with it! (If you don’t already have a Bell, that is).  You can check out all of the Bell products we sell in our online store here.

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