The Spyder-Five: Can-Am Sends Five Riders on a Cross-Country Journey

can-am_spyderCan-Am is exercising it’s social media muscle with its latest project, the Spyder-Five. Can-Am has sent five riders on a criss-crossing journey around the country on the three-wheeled touring machine, the Can-Am Roadster. The Spyder-Five will blog about their journeys on Facebook, and eventually building 5 mini documentaries.

“The Spyder Five are a perfect fit for the tight-knit, yet diverse Can-Am Spyder roadster riding community and a great way to showcase the appeal and capabilities of the vehicle,” said Bernard Guy, vice-president, Sales and Marketing, Can-Am. “Each of the five brings a different perspective to the product, which is ideal as the roadster appeals to a wide-ranging group of riding enthusiasts. Our goal is to create an environment that will invite consumers to experience the thrill of open-air riding; the Spyder Five will help us achieve this goal.”

The Spyder-Five have been all over the country. From bike weeks like Americade to the twisty hills of Tennessee, the Spyder-Five have been all over the country on the Can-Am Roadster.

These were the five people chosen to become apart of the Spyder-Five.

Daniel Bastien – Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Québec – Daniel Bastien (a.k.a. Spyder Dan) is the living embodiment of the Can-Am Spyder roadster. He is an adrenaline-fueled, Québec native with a passion for anything you can sit on with an engine. Dan began his turbo-charged powersports career as a snowmobiler, but he now runs, the premier French language social media forum for Can-Am roadster owners and fans.

Lamont Bryden – Mosheim, Tennessee – Think the Can-Am roadster can’t be modified? Think again. Lamont Bryden (a.k.a. Lamonster) has never met a motorcycle he didn’t want to take apart, customize or otherwise modify. Lamont owns the first pre-production Spyder RT Page 2 model ever made, and he runs the largest, independent social media forum for Spyder enthusiasts,

Mickey Fisher – Ironton, Ohio – A stage actor, film director, foodie and travel buff, Mickey Fisher joined the Spyder Five after winning the 2011 Search for the Next Can-Am Spyder Ambassadors. In addition to making his own self-produced travel show for the Spyder Five blog, Mickey plans to make a short action film starring the Can-Am Spyder roadster.

Faran Hearyman – Judsonia, Arkansas – Faran Hearyman somehow manages to do it all. She is the vivacious mother of two girls, a successful career woman and a lifelong adrenaline junkie. Not content merely to ride on the back of someone else’s bike, Faran has been looking for the perfect ride to fuel her passion for the open road. Can-Am helped her fulfill her dream after she won the 2011 Search for the Next Can-Am Spyder Ambassadors.

Fred Rau – Hemet, California – Fred Rau is not just a legendary motorcycle journalist and tour leader; he is a force of nature. Fred has owned more than 350 motorcycles and has logged 1.4 million miles in the saddle. In between rides, he has edited five motorcycle magazines and has contributed to publications including Forbes and Robb Report. Fred is also the author of the new book, The Motorcycle Touring Bible. By his own admission, Fred was initially skeptical of the three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder roadster, but now he is the machine’s leading advocate. Fred currently publishes the online motorcycle magazine

You can follow the Spyder-Five’s adventure across the US here.

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