AXO Striker Boot Review

If you’re searching for a short street boot that’s easy and quick to put on, stays secure on your foot, offers respectable crash protection and is all day comfortable, look to the AXO Striker. Not much bigger than a high-top basketball shoe, these all black motorcycle boots could easily blend in just about anywhere. Our overall favorite thing of the AXO Striker boots is undoubtedly the Boa lacing system. The Boa laces are in fact tiny coated steel cables that run through unique plastic guides on the motorcycle boots. A knob in the back of the boots features a ratcheting system which makes it fast and simple to equally tighten up the laces. With the Boa system there aren’t any loose ends to tuck in or maybe get caught on your bike. Just slide your foot in, give the knob a couple turns and off you go! In order to release the laces simply pull out on the knob and then it instantly releases. The toe section of the Striker motorcycle boots is coated in rubber, which not only causes them to be stronger and comfortable for shifting, but additionally makes it convenient to keep your boots nice and clean. The sides of the Striker boots are perforated for a bit of hot weather air-flow, together with exhaust vents on the back heel as well to keep your feet cool. The AXO Striker Motorcycle boots sure pack a lot of great features that make them a wonderful every day short street riding boot.

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