Lean In and Ride: Why Do You Ride a Ducati? [Video]

Lean_InWhy do you ride? Every motorcyclists, at one point or another, made the decision to throw their leg over the saddle of a bike and go for a ride. Some people ride a motorcycle because it’s cheaper. Some because it’s faster. And some because it’s a little more dangerous.

Ducati and Puma teamed up for this series of videos which examines the reasons why different people ride Ducatis.

Raymond Roker, founder of URB Magazine, loves the sport of motorcycling.

Hannah Johnson, a Master Technician at Ducati.

Andrew Sidwell, an Army Captain with a passion for the track, the gear and the bike.

Eric Hsueh, creative genius and owner of The Livery Gruppe.

Tony Angelo, a professional driver and Drift Judge, who loves to escape on bikes.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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