AXO Slammer Constructor Boots Review

If you were to take a work boot, an off-road boot, and a street boot and combine all three, I think you would get something very close to the AXO Slammer Constructor Boots.  With a lugged gum rubber sole, the Slammer Constructor is at home on the street or off road.  These boots are held on with two straps, one across the instep and another around the ankle.  There are motocross style buckles that securely snap into place, with some small levers on the ends that give you a mechanical advantage when unbuckling them (a nice touch).  Some other dirt inspired features are the metal toe guards that protect the sole, and a molded ridge in front of the lower buckle which prevents the buckle from being caught on brush (or anything else).  With all of these dirt boot features you may be wondering if these are at all practical for street use, and I can definitely say they are great.  The Nubuk hide leather is nice and soft to the touch, and the gum rubber sole is soft and flexible for all day comfort on or off the bike.  You can view all AXO motorcycle boots that are available in our online store here.

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