MotoCzysz Gains Power from New(ish) Battery

MotoCzysz & Dow Kokam togetherYou might have noticed, if you paid attention to the 2011 Isle of Man TT, that the TT Zero was dominated by the riders and crew from MotoCzysz. The team’s two riders took both first and second place in the event, thanks to the MotoCzysz E1pc all-electric superbike.

MotoCzysz and Dow Kokam

A recent announcement states that MotoCzysz has now officially chosen Michigan-based battery specialist Dow Kokam to be their exclusive electron storage provider. Dow Kokam’s advanced lithium polymer batteries will be used on all MotoCzysz racing motorcycles for the remainder of this season, and possibly beyond.

This actually continues a relationship going back to at least the 2010 season, when MotoCzysz also managed to top the TT Zero at the Isle of Man. Since success often breeds great companions, this relationship will be an important one in the future of electric motorcycle engineering at MotoCzysz and throughout the burgeoning industry.

Praise for Power

2011 MotoCzysz E1pcMore evidence of just how successful this technological alliance may become comes from the glowing praise MotoCzysz gives to Dow Kokam for their product. According to Michael Czysz, founder and CEO of MotoCzysz, “Dow Kokam’s advanced lithium polymer battery cells are best-in-class and capable of producing race winning performance.”

So as not to leave out the MotoCzysz engineering aspect, and their plan to develop drive systems for more than just racing motorcycles, Mr. Czysz also sees even more potential down the line. “These advancements will eventually be available to other motorsports teams and will help deliver that same advantaged performance to passenger vehicle electrification as well.” The future between MotoCzysz and Dow Kokam looks bright, or should that be ‘electric’?

The MotoCzysz Advantage

A major benefit from the relationship between MotoCzysz and Dow Kokam has to be the exceptional performance of the E1pc on the track. American Mark Miller took victory at the TT Zero in 2010 on one, then he placed second this year; and his English teammate, Michael Rutter took to the top step in 2011 thanks to the same model. Winning in high-profile competition – as the Isle of Man TT is a true world-wide phenomenon – is one of the better ways to put the MotoCzysz E1pc front and center in the minds of those looking for a fast electric motorcycle or its associated technology.

The first year of the working relationship provided plenty of press fodder due to the MotoCzysz E1pc winning most of the races it entered and breaking records at some of the many worldwide tracks it visited in 2010. Popular Science even dubbed the E1pc “the most advanced electric motorcycle in the world.” Praise like that gains notice for MotoCzysz.

2011 MotoCzysz E1pc in actionDow Kokam and Tomorrow

Dow Kokam already has a good start on their ascension to the upper reaches of lithium polymer battery technology, and it’s not only thanks to MotoCzysz. The energy company has almost finished construction on a new 400,000 square-foot “battery park” in Midland, Michigan, which they started at the end of 2010. And, they have set up a school to train new employees for that operation in order to bring in some of the many unemployed living around the region.

With MotoCzysz and the continual development of their primary engineering design, the E1pc, using the advanced battery technology from Dow Kokam, we should all expect huge leaps in the competency of electric motorcycles…and, soon after, electric automobiles.

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