AXO Primato II Boot Review

New from AXO Boots, the AXO Primato II is a race inspired boot for the street, with a very attractive price tag.  Right out of the box I was surprised by how soft and comfortable the AXO Primato II boots were, they won’t require much break in time at all, and they should actually be fairly comfortable to walk around in (unlike most sport-oriented boots).   The tradeoff to this comfort and flexibility is less ankle support, so I’d have a hard time recommending these for track use.  But, for the street rider who wants decent protection from a full size boot that is just as comfortable off the bike as it is on, the Primato II boots are worth a look.  The AXO Primato 2 boots do feature some race-boot features, such as replaceable plastic toe and calf sliders, a large shin plate to protect against impacts, and a shock absorbing heel cup.  The sole is nice and thin for good feel on the pegs, but soft enough for comfort and grip while off the bike.  For warm weather comfort, both the shin plate and heel cup are ventilated, allowing air to circulate through the boot keeping your feet cool.  A molded polymer shift pad provides positive shifter feel and helps to reduce wear in that area.  One thing that was very noticeable when trying on the Primato II boots was the large calf area.  The top of the boot is sized very big, so if you have large calves these boots will be perfect for you.  Those with smaller legs may feel like there is too much room around their calves and shins.  The Primato 2 Boots have a zipper and Velcro closure, which makes them very easy to get in and out of.  There is also a stretch panel at the top of the boot for some flexibility in the calf area.  A small reflective panel on the back of the ankle will provide some additional night-time visibility.  Overall, the AXO Primato II boots are an amazing value.  They offer race inspired features and quality construction at a price that is hard to beat.

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0 thoughts on “AXO Primato II Boot Review

  1. I have had these for about a year and I love them. I don’t have any complaints but I do offer a word of caution. All of the skid pads are fastened with little machine screws. I had trouble keeping them from loosening until I added a drop of Lock-tite to each screw. I would recommend this before using them for the first time lest you lose some screws.

    Yes, I would recommend these to a friend. :)


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