Cortech Latigo RR Gloves Review

New for 2011, Cortech has released the Cortech Latigo RR Gloves.  These gloves are a Mid-high end Road Race glove that are designed to work with the other Cortech Latigo line of products.  The Latigo gloves feature a Kevlar inner lining in the palm to increase the abrasion resistance of the Thumb and palm of the gloves.  This is particularly important and most riders will try to stabilize themselves in an accident by using their hands.  So when you are picking motorcycle gloves you do not want thin leather on the palms.  Gloves with thin leather will only last a couple feet in a high speed accident. That is why the Cortech Latigo gloves’ palm features, double layers of leather, Kevlar and also includes padded rubber to reduce vibration from the bars and absorb some of the force from an impact.

The chassis of the Cortech Latigo Gloves are made of premium grade A leather that is perforated to allow air-flow into the glove and work to keep your hands dry.  Cortech Latigo RR also uses Molded polyurethane knuckle and finger protection, with dense foam protection for the gauntlet.  The fingers are pre-curved with expansion panels to reduce hand fatigue.  The liner of the Latigo Glove is a soft moisture wicking brushed fleece to help remove sweat from your hands on hot days.

The Cortech Latigo Gloves come in the 3 most popular colors ( Black, Red / White and Blue / White )  All of the Cortech Latigo gloves are perforated and at this point there is not a waterproof version.


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