Icon Variant Helmet Review

The new Icon Variant helmet, dubbed their “Urban Assault Helmet,” may be creating a whole new category for itself.  As a sort of hybrid between a normal full face street helmet and a dual sport helmet such as the Arai XD-3 and Arai XD4 Helmets, the Icon Variant certainly stands out in a crowd.  Available in several colors and graphics (including two hi-viz options called the Icon Variant Salvo), the Icon Variant helmet has a futuristic look with performance to match.  The Icon Variant will appeal to a wide variety of riders, from urban sportbike riders, stunters, super-motards, dual sports, and adventure tourers, the Variant bridges the gap between several riding categories.

We really like how the Icon Variant brings over several dirt helmet features, most notably the built in visor which can help reduce glare from the sun. Icon also used wind tunnel testing to develop the rear spoiler which helps to reduce helmet buffeting.  The Hydradry moisture wicking liner is removable for easy cleaning or replacement, and the molded EPS nose is designed to reduce shield fogging.  Speaking of the shield, the Variant Replacement Shields have an anti-fog coating, and the unique curved shape provides excellent optics and a wide field of view.  The Variant helmet does require a flat-head screwdriver to change out the shields.  While it is not as quick of a process as what you may be used to, it is fairly painless and the shield is held solidly down in place, with three noticeable detents between fully closed and fully open.  Ventilation is also very good, with two large mesh vents in the chin-bar (which open from the inside), four vents at the front of the helmet which are closeable, and four exhaust vents at the rear which remain open to draw hot air out of the helmet.  A third chinbar vent is operated with a rocker switch to reduce face shield fogging.

So whether your rides take you off the beaten path or into the urban jungle, the Icon Variant is definitely worth checking out.  You can view all of the Icon Variant color options at Competition Accessories.  A size large Icon Variant weighed in at 3.85lbs on our shipping scale.


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