Air Hawk Seat Cushion Review

There is a very good reason the Iron Butt Association has the name that it does.  If you have ever ridden long distance, then you may truly understand why their most common certification is called the SaddleSore 1000 (over 30k certifications!).  Next on the list is the Bun Burner 1500, with just over 5k finishers.  But you and I both know that it takes far less than a thousand miles for monkey butt to set in.  The Airhawk Seat Cushion is designed to evenly distribute your weight over a larger area, effectively eliminating any pressure points and providing amazing relief when compared to the seat on your motorcycle.  I have personally used the Airhawk seat pad on my Kawasaki ZRX, and it made a huge difference.  The Airhawk is constructed with multiple air cells that all feed into one another.  This allows air to slowly distribute your weight evenly, and it adjusts when you move around on the seat.  It actually feels a lot like memory foam, in that you slowly sink in and feel very supported.  The reason it is better than foam is that foam can get uncomfortably hot, while the Airhawk pad keeps you cool.  The Air Hawk seat pad comes with a zippered cover that holds the air bladder.  This cover has a grippy, non scratch base as well as a soft stretch material that covers the portion that you sit on.  Breathable mesh lines the sides to promote airflow through the seat to help keep things cooled down.  Installing the Air Hawk seat is very simple.  There are four tie down points, and, if your seat is removable, you simply attach the supplied straps and loop them under your seat.  If your seat can not be removed, you simply slide the strap around the front of the seat and it should hold it right in place (you’ll be sitting on it, after all).  The most critical part of your Airhawk setup is the inflation (or should I say deflation) process.  The Airhawk seat pad has a nice metal air valve that twists open and closed.  What you do is inflate the cushion by mouth, then, sitting on your bike with both feet on the pegs, slowly release air until you get to the right air level.  You will actually have a lot less air in the cushion than you think you need.  The goal is to be approximately ½ an inch off your actual seat, where you can still feel the air transfer slowly beneath you when you shift your weight and none of your weight is “bottoming out” and hitting your actual seat.  The beauty of this system is you can change it up on the road, which is a great way to provide relief on a long stretch.  While the Airhawk seat cushions can seem a bit pricey, once you try one on a long trip I think you’ll be glad you spent the money.  Also, they have just release the Airhawk 2, which is a less expensive variety of the same concept.  You can check out Airhawk and other motorcycle seat cushions in our online store.

0 thoughts on “Air Hawk Seat Cushion Review

  1. Air Hawk makes a butt saving product. My 08 Roadstar 1700 has a decent saddle, but not for long distance. I purchased this one a few weeks before a 4500 mile trip and it saved my arse from a constant reminder of how far I was riding. I like the air bladder which I was able to fill to my daily desire. Every once in awhile I actually changed the pressure in it and that was beneficial too. It comes with straps, but I never used them as I figured the cushion isn’t going to fall off when I’m riding. It’s heavy enough not to blow away either as I got off the bike. Makes a halfway decent pillow in the tent too. Just don’t load up on the beans before hitting the sack.


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