Fly Racing Trekker Helmet Review

The Dual-Sport segment of motorcycling is rapidly growing, and gear manufacturers are scrambling to keep up with the high demand for gear that can both perform well on road, as well as remain comfortable and functional when the going gets tough.  Enter the Fly Trekker Helmet.  Fly Racing has been a major player in the motocross arena for quite some time.  Recently, they have started offering gear that caters to the street bike rider as well.  So, it is only natural that Fly Racing is now offering a crossover helmet that performs very well off-road, but has good road manners as well.

The Trekker Helmet is undoubtedly a dirt inspired helmet.  With its adjustable and removable visor, generous ventilation, and wide eye port, the Fly Trekker helmet should perform very well in the off road arena.  Dual-sport riding can often take you off the beaten path, and when the going gets tough you may not always be able to ride at a very high rate of speed.  That’s where the sixteen vents on this helmet come into play (yes, you read that right, 16!).  At slower speeds, vents are not always as effective, but the Trekker Helmet has you covered with plenty of vents to keep you cool.  Closeable vents include the mouthpiece, two brow vents, and two rear vents.  The levers are a little on the small side and will take some practice to find, but should be easy enough to operate with gloves on.  The face-shield appears to be distortion free, and the eye port is extremely large for an excellent, unrestricted view of what lays ahead.  For extremely rough or dusty conditions, the face-shield on the Trekker Helmet can be raised up out of the way and goggles can be used instead.  The face-shield can also be removed completely, although you will need a tool to do so (a flat-head screwdriver works just fine).  There are four detents which hold the shield either fully closed, cracked for ventilation, half open, or fully open.  For street use, the face-shield should do a good job keeping the wind out of your face and protecting you from bugs.  Trekker Helmets also feature a fully removable and washable interior, which is a must for keeping the inside of your helmet clean and fresh.

At this price, the Fly Racing Trekker Helmet offers a lot of bang for the buck, and it seems to do very well straddling the fence between off-road and street riding duties.  While there aren’t a ton of Dual Sport Helmets out there to choose from, the Fly Racing Trekker is certainly a serious contender with a lot of features typically found on higher end helmets.

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