Motorcycle Touring: The Ideal Male Activity?

RideCropped1_2Having just wrapped up a five day motorcycle trip with my adult son, it dawned on me that motorcycle touring may just be the perfect man activity. The flow of a motorcycling day compliments the normal male communication patterns perfectly.

Think about it. Men are typically fairly inept at small talk. If there is nothing to talk about, we don’t. On a motorcycle trip, most of the daylight hours are spent in the solitary activity of rolling down the ribbon of tarmac. Internal dialogue and a few hand signals are all that are needed.

However, all the while that we are riding, we are accumulating a treasure-trove of shared experiences to recount at the next fuel stop or over the evening meal. Now how is that for the ideal male activity? We get to experience the same activity, in the same moment. Yet we don’t have to dilute the experience with instant verbiage.

That amazing set of mountain turns can be enjoyed with only the soundtrack of the engine. Later, the twisties will be even more spectacular as we debate who picked the better line. Conversely, that idiot who made that dangerous lane change in our path will suffer the wrath of a scathing recounting over the evening beverage.

So, my son and I enjoyed a perfect trip. We relished the time alone, and we treasured the time together. Yes, motorcycle touring may just be the perfect male activity.

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